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Steve Champeon is feeling god-like

posted by Jason Kottke   Jun 01, 2001

Steve Champeon, who is an author, holds a degree in religious studies, and does more stuff on the Web than I can list here, is today’s mini interviewee:

Q: As a co-author of the Dynamic HTML Bible, do you feel like you’re finally putting your degree in religious studies to good use?

A: Well, I haven’t started writing yet, but I’m already beginning to feel the mad rush of omnipotence on the one hand, and on the other, I’m beginning to understand what God felt like with a world to build and a six-day schedule in which to do it. I wonder if God had an acquisitions editor? And, of course, I have capable help in the form of Eric Costello and Scott Andrew LePera, who will write the useful parts of the book. So, to answer your question, 32 Long. And it’ll be out at the end of the year. Buy two. :: end