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Antwerp? Why not?

“Antwerp? Why the hell are you going to Antwerp?” That (or some variation thereof) was the response from almost everyone we talked to about our trip. Even some Antwerp residents wanted to know why we were visiting their city. As great as Paris was, I liked Antwerp better, I think. Antwerp was more European, less cosmopolitan, more quaint, less touristy (which is to say, less gawking Americans), and in general just farther away from what I’m used to than Paris.

Pictures from Antwerp:

looming cathedral in antwerp

- A cute little castle. The smallest castle I’ve ever seen.

- The cathedral in Antwerp. An impressive building, much taller and larger than the more famous Notre Dame in Paris.

- Looking up at the cathedral. I doctored this picture in Photoshop to make it look somewhat surreal.

- Man on bench.

- A crowd dispersing. On our first full day in Antwerp, we stumbled upon a crowd near the cathedral. We eventually found out that the King and Queen of Sweden were visiting the King and Queen of Belgium and that the four of them were touring the cathedral that day.

- A small straat in Antwerp.

- The cafe we stopped at for lunch one day had an item called “what the fuck salad”.

Speaking of photos, Photographica is a place to post, view, and discuss photography (a MetaFilter for photography, basically). It’s becoming a near-daily visit for me.