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I sometimes get lunch at

posted by Jason Kottke   May 28, 2001

I sometimes get lunch at this little Greek place near my office. It’s a tiny establishment with signs covering the walls detailing their many specials: “Popular Pepperoni With Mushrooms Pizza”, “Cheesy Lasagne With Meat”, and “Here’s An Idea! Ordering A Baked Potato Or Gyros Sandwich? How About One Of Our Fine Greek Salads For Only $1.95”. The food is good and cheap; I usually get a gyro or a slice of sausage pizza with an IBC Root Beer. And the guys that work there are *so* nice and they work so hard and prepare the food so fast and are super conscientious about their jobs and just generally rule. It makes me want to give them all the money in my wallet rather than just the $4.86 that my meal costs.