The kottke.org webcam is back

posted by Jason Kottke Apr 06, 2001

The kottke.org webcam is back (drag that link to your links bar if you want to access the popup window from there). Once again, you can watch as Jason sneezes, scratches himself in inappropriate places, yawns, sits in the same place for very long time, and, most importantly, shudders uncontrollably as the 3pm post-caffeine depression sets in and the subsquent dash for a Pepsi.

Lesson learned during new webcam installation: never use the software and drivers that come in the box with the product. Always go to the Web site to download the latest drivers and software. Time spent in class learning lesson: more than 2 hours.

Also, I have been pulling a trick on you folks over the past few weeks with my webcam. The person who had been appearing on the cam up until today was my evil twin, Nick Sweeney. We look pretty similar, especially at a fuzzy 320x240 (compare: me & Nick)...we even fooled my mom (hi, mom!). Anyway, I'm back on the cam and the imposter has been expunged.