It is now ok to

posted by Jason Kottke Apr 11, 2001

It is now ok to split your infinitives. The George Bernard Shaw quote (from a letter to The Times of London) at the end of the article sums the issue up well:

"There is a pedant on your staff who spends far too much of his time searching for split infinitives. Every good literary craftsman uses a split infinitive if he thinks the sense demands it. I call for this man's instant dismissal; it matters not whether he decides to quickly go or to go quickly or quickly to go. Go he must, and at once."

Do you split your infinitives or make other grammatical "errors"? Are you chastised for it? Do you care? Do you use the word "irregardless" to intentionally piss people off? Share your thoughts on grammar and usage errors, intentional or otherwise. (49+ comments)