Dave Eggers

posted by Jason Kottke Apr 04, 2001

Went to a Dave Eggers reading of AHWOSG last night. So. So. Good. I am now in love with Mr. Eggers and want to have several of his children (somehow). However, when I asked if I could see his nipples, I was firmly (but gently) rebuffed.

Anyway, he's really quite funny and charming and interesting and when he talks you want to go write beautiful things, make melodious music, design interesting things, and just generally grab the tiger by the tail and kick the ass of the whole world, all of which I am now eager to do all at once. So watch out world, I'm coming for you motherfuckers!*

* By "coming for you motherfuckers", I might possibly mean "preparing for another long night on the couch watching Silver Spoons reruns rather than doing of any of that other stuff I mentioned previously". But man, I'm going to watch that TV like it's never been watched before.