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Some photos from SXSW 2001,

Some photos from SXSW 2001, none of which contain actual people:

a monster neon
At left, an original artwork by Andre Torrez on a cardboard bar coaster depicting me, clad in tie, about to be devoured by a monster. On the right, a closeup of the phallic Austin Motel sign.

no guns just guns
There were no guns allowed in the Austin Convention Center. There was a store called “Just Guns” across the street from the hotel I stayed at in Austin. Two worlds colliding.

vectrex atari timex
I was surprised to find a display of antique computers at the trade show. Vectrex (left) was an early gaming system, but the wide variety of keyboards on the various personal computers was what caught my eye. The middle photo depicts an Atari keyboard while the one on the right is a shot of a Sinclair keyboard (although I am not entirely sure on that). They also had an Apple Lisa and a color NeXT box on display.

In general, I had an OK time @ SXSW this year. I didn’t get to meet very many new people, which isn’t that unusual for me, being as wallflowery as I am, but was disappointing nonetheless, contributing to the feelings of weirdness and uneasiness I felt after I got back to SF (“It was fun, wasn’t it? It was supposed to be fun, right? Then why wasn’t it?”). There’s always next year, I suppose.