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In the tradition of The

In the tradition of The Onion:

Likeness of Virgin Mary Appears on Web Site

simple web graphic or mother of christ?

The Internet is buzzing with the news that the Virgin Mary has appeared on this page of the Web site. The likeness of the Virgin, found about halfway down the page on the left side, was discovered by Ohio resident Patricia Lawton. “I was on the AOL when this page just appeared out of nowhere,” says Lawton, an active church-goer, “It was the Virgin Mary, plain as day. It’s a sign that God wants us all to use the Internet.”

According to’s Webmaster, hundreds of thousands of Web surfers have made a pilgrimage to the page since the discovery last Tuesday, nearly bringing the site’s Web servers down. The Vatican has been contacted about the sighting, but has no official comment to make at this time.