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I’m off to SXSW

I’m off to SXSW tomorrow morning first thing. My only commitment for the weekend is moderating a panel on microcontent on Tuesday. The rest of the time will be spent, um, doing other stuff, I guess. If you happen to see me wandering around the conference, feel free to come on up and say hi. I’ll be the quiet, average-looking fellow most likely standing next to Meg, Matt, Heather, and Stewart (they’re the ones you’ll really want to talk to anyway).

While I’m away, I won’t be posting anything to this site. Like last year, a guest writer will entertain you. This year’s guest is Nick Sweeney. Nick’s a smart fellow (or “chap”, if you’d like) from the UK that has probably written something you’ve read (or if you haven’t read it, you would have enjoyed it if you had). Nick, this space is yours until I return. Good luck.