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Thanks to all those that

Thanks to all those that submitted an entry to the “Possible New Taglines for Kontest.”** Here are the finalists:

- “Not like the good old days”
- “Still going, despite the ever-mounting opposition”
- “Mediocrity you don’t understand”
- “The other it’s OK to like”
- “I’m not gay, but you wish I was”
- “At Toshi Station picking up power converters”
- “Uncovering the whole doppelganger phenomenon”
- “Doesn’t just steal links like you-know-who”

- “Average…but with so much more finesse!”

** As you well know, there was actually no such contest. But it made for a nice story, didn’t it?

Late breaking news! There is now an actual “Possible New Taglines for Kontest”, not like that fake contest mentioned above. What would you choose as a new tagline for