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Some random things from my

Some random things from my recent trip, in no particular order:

- People (like my friend Kelly) still go to the library. For some reason, I don’t think of people using libraries anymore. Do you still go to the library? What for? Do you use the library less because you have access to the Internet at home? Or do you go to the library to access the Internet? Post your comments here.

- The current “in fashion” thing for teens to do in cold climates is to wear summer clothing. With temperatures hovering around freezing this weekend, I saw teen girls wearing shorts, skirts, sandals, and short-sleeved blouses, while the boys were wearing sandals and t-shirts. There was an occasional sweatshirt or parka, but most were dressed for summer.

- Northwest Airlines uses DIN Mittelschrift (or something very, very close) for the warning labels on the outside of their planes, the same font I use for the titles on this site.

- I walked right past Garrison Keillor’s desk. He was not in.

- Some pictures: a completed puzzle, a fleeing kitty, a winter scene, a partially frozen river, and an impassable trail.