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It’s been about 6 months

It’s been about 6 months since I last remembered any of my dreams, so it was little odd this morning when I awoke having remembered two dreams. The first dream isn’t worth relating, so I’ll skip right to the second one.

The second dream took place in the 17th century. I was an assistant to the English King’s head scientist, helping him with all sorts of amazing experiments. Now, when I say “helping him with all sorts of amazing experiments”, I mean that my sole task was the frying of much bacon. At the beginning of the dream, I started out preparing the bacon in a small frying pan, but by the end, I was frying up huge slabs of bacon in a pan the size of a car door.

In addition to the copious amounts of pork in the dream, there was a French prince who was bullying England into letting him marry the English princess (who was quite fetching and whom I, as a lowly bacon fryer, had no shot at whatsoever). At the end of the dream, the French prince storms the castle and is on the verge of abducting the princess when the head scientist discovers that the secret to winning the war has something to do with the bacon grease in my huge pan. Right at this moment, at the climax of the war, I woke up, never to discover what magical secrets that bacon grease of mine held.