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I keep forgetting just how

posted by Jason Kottke   Feb 02, 2001

I keep forgetting just how good Office Space is. If you work for any sort of largish company (especially if it’s a tech company) and dislike the experience even slightly, you need to rent or buy this movie, pronto! Do not let the fact that Jennifer Aniston is in it deter you from your task…she’s actually good in it and it’s not one of those films.

I feel a special kinship with Milton (the guy with the thick glasses) from Office Space. At work, I have a small desk that’s kinda wedged into the corner, people are always bumping into my monitor while I’m working, other people’s stuff (like telephones) is making its way onto my already limited desk space, there’s nowhere to put any posters or items, and I feel as though I could come into work one day and find my desk in a completely different spot. All Milton wanted was to have a place to call his own, the right to listen to the radio at a reasonable volume, and his stapler. Is that so wrong?