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Apparently, there is a whole

posted by Jason Kottke   Feb 02, 2001

Apparently, there is a whole group of people out there (called “casters”) that like to, for whatever reason, dress up in casts, see people in splints, walk with crutches, and engage in fantasy/roleplaying with casts, gauze, bandages, and other similar medical supplies:

“Slowly undoing the roll of the bandage, I slowly went up the foot and across the ankle, finishing just below the start of the calf. The thrill was indescribable and I wanted more. She enjoyed too, loving the attention I gave when the wrapping was complete. I doted on her and pandered her, like I was her caretaker when she needed me the most. She was injured in a figure skating fall, practicing for the Olympics, and I was her soother.”

The Web site states that it contains no adult material, but you know that somewhere out there, there’s a treasure trove of porno with people wearing casts and bandages…somewhat like this picture, only with less clothing.