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An interview with Michael Sippey

I’m debuting a new feature today: the mini interview. Basically, I ask someone a question, they answer with a couple of paragraphs, and then I post the results for you to read here. Michael Sippey is my first victim.

Q: How do you feel about me openly stealing your “Just One Question” feature from Stating the Obvious?

A: Hey, Jason![1]

I couldn’t be happier than to have you openly steal the “Just One Question” format.[2] There’s really no better home for J1Q[3] than[4] I’m really looking forward to all the interesting Q&A that will happen as a result of the additional programming โ€” it will be another reason to visit you daily! There’s already the insightful commentary, the previously undiscovered links, and peeks behind the brand that is Jason; but now this? It’s almost too much[5]. (You really should set up some sort of Paypal thing โ€” I’m sure you’d make quite a fortune![6])

[1] You see, Jason and I have been “friends” for a few years now, mostly thanks to a “top-secret” email discussion list that I (half-heartedly) moderate. The list used to be one of those “in-the-know” type things, back when personal narrative was king, and the words “The Cabal” meant what the words “A-List” do today. Now it’s just another low-traffic list suffering from benign neglect, and everyone blogs in public what they used to post in private.

[2] Especially since openly I stole the format (but not the title) from G. Beato’s Soundbitten, and his one question interviews. Oh, and also since The Industry Standard not-so-openly stole the format and the title for the front of their book.

[3] Oooh, neat abbreviation! Note to self (N2S!) โ€” do that more often.

[4] Astute readers will note that output at has declined significantly over the past two years. Even more astute readers will note that I last ran a J1Q on March 24, 2000, in which Jeff Veen convinced a bunch of people that Tivo was worth the few hundred bucks (another note to self โ€” always use affiliate links, you idiot). Honestly, I’m just happy to know someone that remembers the glory days of essay-based personal publishing, and is nice enough to ask what I think about having my (OK, Beato’s) idea swiped.

[5] Hey, since I’m laying it on real thick here, maybe you could link over to I’m trying something new (in between late night feedings and emptying the diaper genie) and could stand the traffic.

[6] On second thought, maybe not. After all, you’ve condescended to running this self-important hyper-aware Eggers-ripoff blather. :: end