Thanks to Bryan, I'm currently

posted by Jason Kottke   Jan 07, 2001

Thanks to Bryan, I'm currently addicted to Barcelona's I've Got The Password To Your Shell Account (which appears on this album; I couldn't find it anywhere else...I guess you could try the Napster). The song details a girl who puts her "comp sci skills to work" and guesses her boyfriend's password. Or is it about relationships? I'm not quite sure, but damn, it's catchy.

Songwriting about the technology/geek culture is nothing new. Remember that song about playing Pac-Man ("I've got all the patterns down, up until the ninth key. I've got Speedy on my tail, and I know it's either him or me.")? Did you know there was a whole album recorded around that song? Some of the other tracks on the album include Froggy's Lament, Ode to a Centipede, and Do the Donkey Kong. Get the album while you can on Ebay, or find the tracks on Napster.