I know Courtney Love's email

posted by Jason Kottke   Nov 02, 2000

I know Courtney Love's email address. Like you care. Like I care.

Day 2 at Web2000 was all about the Flash. I went to two sessions on the new actionscripting stuff in Flash 5. It's all object-based and so much easier to understand than the scripting in Flash 4. I'm all excited to do some Flash stuff now. The presentations that Josh gave (as well as some others) are up on his company's site.

One of the disadvantages of DHTML as compared with Flash is the lack of a development environment.

Lunch was quite nice...we ate outside on the grass next to a waterfall. Hidden spaces like that in a city are neat.

Just finished a really good session by Josh Ulm on actionscripting in Flash 5.

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