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After picking up my badge,

After picking up my badge, I went to the online lounge for a bit to catch up with some friends. It was full of inflatable furniture and iMacs…and it was lots bigger than when I had last experienced it.

Ah….this is much better. I’m posting from an actual computer in the Online Lounge with an actual keyboard and actual net connection. My experience so far with the wireless handheld makes me (even more) skeptical about the whole wireless thang. Unless someone can come up with a killer piece of hardware that makes text-based wireless communication easier, I don’t see much happening with it in the next few years.

This is really hard to do. Grafitti is really slow.

The Growing Online Communities panel was very interesting. Quickly, here are some of the community spaces mentioned: email, mailing lists, chat, IM, weblogs, clubs, message boards, F2F meetings, and newsgroups.

Well, I just got the wireless thingie and after a little initial trouble, I am up and running. I am heading out to the community panel in a second. More later.

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