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I started my new job

posted by Jason Kottke   Oct 30, 2000

I started my new job today. This is the fourth time that I’ve made such an announcement on this site. Hopefully, I will not have to make another for a long while.

The webcam will be back up soon. And, much to everyone’s chagrin, I will be much less naked on it.

Now that I have this kick-ass laptop for work, I need a bag in which to haul it around. Here are some features I’m looking for:

- space for laptop, laptop accessories, Palm, cell phone, and other assorted goodies (pens, note pad, business cards, a book or two)

- separate padded laptop compartment

- padded “over-the-shoulder” strap

- black or other neutral color

- no huge logos (I’m already going to pay quite a bit for the bag…I don’t need to advertise for them as well)

Are you currently using and enjoying such a bag? Email me with suggestions. Thanks in advance.

ps. The Vurt and Endo by Spire are both very close to what I’m looking for.