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I love this quote: “Be

posted by Jason Kottke   Oct 02, 2000

I love this quote: “Be elitist; it is better to read Spinoza than watch Big Brother.” (Stewart Butterfield) Some thoughts pertaining to it:

- It is taken out of context. Go read the full account here.

- I am elitist. There. I said it.

- You are too. Breathe in. Accept. Breathe out.

- I don’t know who Spinoza is. Well, I do now.

- I think Jim Carrey’s work as Ace Ventura, Pet Detective was pure genius. I’m quite serious. Is it better to read Spinoza than watch Ace Ventura? I don’t see how it could be.

Beware the words “always” and “never”. “Always” is never the case and “never” is always wrong. See what I mean?