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Reader-submitted link day, part two

Reader-submitted link day, part two in a two-part series.

anybody wanna peanut?

An explanation of those Andre the Giant has a posse images you see everywhere. It uses the words “phenomenology”, “psyche”, and “stimulate”, so it must be good. Thanks to Shmuel for the link.

Step 1. Look at this picture that was screengrabbed from

Step 2. Read the title of the second news item

Step 3.

Thanks to Tony for the link.

And I saved the best for last. weird but true is a huge list of ideas, theories, scientic facts, oddities, pseudoscience, and the like. A lot of it is fascinating, and surprisingly, most of the snippets have references associated with them. A sample snippet:

“train wrecks: in train wrecks the number of passengers in damaged cars is less than average by so much and so often that it cannot be a chance occurrence. somehow we know not to get on them. (work done by william cox and reported by lyall watson)”

Thanks to Mark for that last link.