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Pork is for everyone, even

Pork is for everyone, even kids! Teach children about the value of pork by building a sandwich with four, count ‘em, four different pork products. It’s porktastic!

Also curious is using the pig character as an aid in getting kids to eat pork. “See that cute little pig there with his curly tail? We’re going to slaughter him by anal electrocution and then fry him up with some hash browns. Yummers!” It would seem that a natural extension to the farm tour would be the slaughterhouse tour, but maybe they don’t want to subject the kids to that much, um, reality. (link via Nichol)

Speaking of pork: pork the one you love.

Also speaking of pork: Armour Fresh Pork online postcards. Pork chops on the beach and in China! What could be better? via the nubbin.