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One of the reasons I

posted by Jason Kottke   Sep 12, 2000

One of the reasons I redesigned this site is so that I could make the site more usable for you, the user. Sure, you could change the look and feel before, but I want to add some features that are actually useful to make this site as user friendly as possible for folks who take the time to read my ramblings. To that end, I’m running a poll to see how you used the previous incarnation of the site.

Prior to the recent redesign, which kottke.org interface did you use?

If you wish, you can just view the results.

BTW, the cool <label> trick on the form buttons above (if you’re on IE, click the text next to the form buttons…the radio button is automatically checked) is courtesy of Antenna. I’d seen it used on Expedia, but I was always too lazy to check out how they did it. Too lazy to view source….that’s pretty damn lazy.