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Meme Breeders talks about people

posted by Jason Kottke   Aug 12, 2000

Meme Breeders talks about people who spread memes easily:

“A considerable number of artists are emerging who seem quite comfortable with this organic, weblike view of cultural space. For one thing, they have grown up with the cross-marketing, multimedia webs of our expanding consumer culture. They have also found many points of entry amidst the increasing number of fanzines, magazines, cable TV stations, the internet, and telephone machines. From the xerox machine to the world wide web, do-it-yourself media has never been more accessible.”

Sound like anyone you know? Sound like everyone you know?

Incidentally, the author of the above, Ebon Fisher, is responsible for The Alula Dimension, one of the very earliest things I saw on the Web. It’s still excellent…much more thought behind it than most of the stuff featured as “cool” at Kaliber10000.

Memepool. Duh.