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Hullo. I’m back from vacation.

posted by Jason Kottke   Aug 14, 2000

Hullo. I’m back from vacation. I would have sent you a postcard, but I didn’t have your address.

Kauai, the Hawaiian island that was my home for the past week, contains some of the most beautiful vistas I’ve come across in my (admittedly somewhat limited) travels, the kind of views that make you want to compose bad poetry. Looking out at the ocean near our condo, I was moved to compose a verse or two, which, thankfully, I have since forgotten. Take my word for it though, it was bad, most likely containing the following words & phrases: “wind-swept”, “lapping gently”, and the awful harbinger of metaphor “like a”. *shudder*

Hawaiians, at least those residing on Kauai, sure are keen on Jesus. In some towns, we counted at least one church every two blocks. That’s more churches per capita than there are bars per capita in small, Midwestern towns…which is amazing because the folks in small, Midwestern towns love to drink.

I only used one computer while I was on vacation, a WebTV installed for the use of paying customers to Bubba’s, a local burger joint (“we relish your buns!”). Hawaiians seemed as hip to the Internet thing as they were the Jesus thing; advertisements for WebTV and Internet cafes were popular.

Coolest part of the whole vacation: Meg and I went swimming with some sea turtles. So amazing…that picture, taken with a crappy underwater camera, doesn’t do the experience justice.