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Artist Mark Bennett draws floor

posted by Jason Kottke   Aug 22, 2000

Artist Mark Bennett draws floor plans of dwellings from old television programs, just in case you ever wanted to know how Wally and the Beaver’s room was laid out, where the cement pond was located in relation to Jed Clampett’s whittlin’ bench, or, amazingly, the entire layout of Gilligan’s Island. I don’t know how he possibly could have drawn the entire island just from watching the show, but consider me impressed…and an instant fan.

The downside of my recent discovery of Bennett’s work is that it comes on the day after an exhibit featuring his work ended at the Walker Art Center, a scant three miles from where I live. Jeez, I need to get out more. I suppose I will have to make due with buying his book: TV Sets: Fantasy Blueprints of Classic TV Homes.