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Back from the wedding. Everything

Back from the wedding. Everything went fine: the bride and groom got married and nobody sustained any life threatening injuries, save for a deer that my sister and brother-in-law hit on the way to the airport.

One of the more interesting things that happened was at the conclusion of the reception/dance. There were only a few of us left, so the DJs were playing pretty much whatever. I made a joke about playing some Eminem, and soon “The Real Slim Shady” was blasting out of the speakers. My mom’s friend, Janet, popped out of her seat and asked me, “So, how do you dance to this kind of music?”

“I think you just bounce to it,” I replied.

“Oh.” And she then proceeded to hop around the dance floor to the beat. But she wasn’t doing it quite right, so I got out there and showed her how. My mom then snapped a somewhat unique photograph of her oldest and dearest childhood friend and her son bouncing like a couple of gangstas to Eminem. Quite a novel experience.