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As promised, a few more

As promised, a few more notes sent in by readers about my “what if companies were people” post:

- Stewart Brand says it’s healthy when companies try to run like charities and charities try to run like companies.

- Corpeople: “Unfortunately (or fortunately depending upon what side of the fence you’re on) corporations are already classified as people in the United States.”

- Excerpted from a larger passage: “Several years after the IPO, the last action of the Board of Directors is to approve a final merger that has been put forth by a much larger and powerful company, referred to as the ‘Wife’ company. The ‘Wife’ company tends to totally dominate the ‘Male’ company, simply because the Male company is attracted to the Wife company’s business figures.”

- If AOL were a city…

- And finally, Paul asks: “if companies were people, which ones would be the porn stars?” I’m not sure I know. Do you?