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More from the UK (and

More from the UK (and elsewhere) on the phenomenon (yes, it’s a phenomenon, dammit!) of seemingly wrong combinations of food. The chip roll from yesterday’s entry is also called a “chip butty” and is apparently quite good…or bad, depending on who you ask. The UK is also responsible for deep-fried steak and kidney pie. Thanks to Caroline and Nick for completely grossing me out…I’m going to go back to my processed meat (is it meat or is it Memorex?) sandwich now.

On that same topic, Chuck makes a case for American dominance in the “slathered” food group with the original po-boy:

“Po-boys come in myriad varieties today, but the original was invented around 1905. It was a huge amount of fried potatoes, piled high on French bread (8-12” long), slathered with roast beef gravy and ‘dressed’ with lettuce, tomatoes, mayonnaise, pickles, with ketchup and hot sauce optional. It cost a nickel in those days, and gave the poor working man a huge carbo rush to help get him through his day of labor.”

I think that I would love and marry that sandwich. Anything that can combine gravy, potatoes, *and* mayonnaise in one fantastic package has my heart.