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I’m back, but tired, so

I’m back, but tired, so this will be quick. My trip to SF was really great. Really. Very. And lots more unimaginative adverbs. And you’d think that I’d be all upset about not winning a Webby, but I’m not since John enjoyed the experience of it so much more so than I would have. Besides, I snuck up on stage to accept Jim’s award for MediaNews. A full video of the Awards show is available, in case you’re interested….my brief 5 seconds on stage is at about the 3:30 mark or so.

And just so I can find them easily again in a few months, here are two Webbys articles with thoughts from me: one from the SJMerc and one from the SF Chronicle.

In addition to the Webbys, I did lots of other stuff in SF, including lunch with the Pyra gang, attending a party at Jeff Veen’s place (featuring a coked-up woman manning the CD player: “Let’s listen to the Beastie Boys!” “Umm, it’s already in there.”), skipped rocks at the beach, ate some good food (including brunch with Derek, Heather, and Meg), and generally had a really good vacation.

I also went to the Exploratorium, which basically turned me into a little kid…blowing huge bubbles, chasing beach balls, making crazy shadows, etc. We also crawled through the Tactile Dome a couple times…it’s interesting to crawl along, relying on nought but your sense of touch to get you around. Surprisingly, it wasn’t the least bit scary either. If you’re ever in SF, I recommend a trip through the Dome…although to do it up right, read the Touch chapter of Ackerman’s excellent A Natural History of the Senses first.

And, of course, it turned out to be not so quick, as I promised above.