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Movies recently viewed: Contact (again),

posted by Jason Kottke   Mar 21, 2000

Movies recently viewed: Contact (again), Eyes Wide Shut (again), and Mission to Mars (never again).

This is what passes for an update these days? Repurposed content and a list of movies I watched this weekend? Jebus.

The one movie I’m looking forward to seeing this spring more than any other right now is Time Code 2000 (I know, the site kinda sucks, here’s another link). What’s noteworthy about this film is that: a) it was shot in real time with no cuts; and b) the screen will be divided into four parts, with different action going on in each of the four quadrants. I’m anxious to see if this format will be as exciting to me as that of Run Lola Run, or as boring as all the quick-cut, steady-cam, MTV-inspired crap that’s inundating TV and movies these days.