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I need to be more

posted by Jason Kottke   Mar 06, 2000

I need to be more careful what I wish for. I really wasn’t expecting to get any entries for the 5 Bytes Contest…it was just a little joke. However, since people did send me entries, I suppose I should declare a winner. The prize-winning entry was actually sent in by my mother…who isn’t that Web-savvy, but is apparently getting moreso by the day. Go, Mom!

Since that contest went over so well, and since Stewart thinks he can trump me with his 5 bit contest, I’ll go him one better and present the 1st Annual 5 Pixel Contest. That’s right, use any five pixels to make a pattern. Here’s an early entry:

See, you don’t need all those superfluous pixels to draw those 1s and 0s….5 will do just fine.