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G’bye, Jason! Bye! Be sure

posted by Jason Kottke   Mar 10, 2000

G’bye, Jason! Bye! Be sure and write! I put your initials on your underwear so we don’t repeat the fiasco that happend last time you went to SXSW! And, remember, if someone in Texas offers to show you their “Governor Bush,” run away and tell an adult you trust.

Hi, everybody. I‘m filling in for Jason while he’s off playing with the cool kids. Bear with me, because I’m new to this whole weblogging thing — you’ll have to forgive me if I don’t manage to dredge up the latest, keenest links.

In fact, screw it. Let’s do just the opposite: here’s something from the pre-Web, Mesozoic Internet, back before the dawn of time.

RICHH was the first writer I stumbled across on-line that just amazed me. Funny, smart, sweet, rude, he was — for me, at least — the Internet’s Poe, the first great writer of the New World.

Plus, he did terrific porn.