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Apps like Napster, Shoutcast, and

posted by Jason Kottke   Mar 04, 2000

Apps like Napster, Shoutcast, and LAUNCHcast present some real problems for the music industry….and not just because of the piracy issues. The music industry (not to mention the movie and TV industries as well) is currently geared towards producing a high volume of less-than-mediocre product and cramming it down the throats of the public with tons and tons of advertising and marketing.

With these sites and applications, people can choose what they want to listen to, not what MTV or the “local” radio station wants them to listen to. Hopefully, the “try before you buy” nature of the online music community will result in a higher quality product delivered to consumers from the record labels….now that we can test drive music, we’re not going to buy lemons anymore.