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A lot of stuff happens

posted by Jason Kottke   Mar 24, 2000

A lot of stuff happens in my life that I don’t write about here….and that’s been happening more and more lately. I don’t write about it because a) it’s not really all that interesting, or b) there are too many people that I know (online friends, offline friends, ex-girlfriends, parents, co-workers, etc.) that read this thing, or c) it really doesn’t fit in with what my goal for the site is. Truth be told, reasons a) & c) have never really stopped me before…but reason b) has. Which is OK….this is really isn’t a personal journal in that sense.

But sometimes I really want to post that sort of stuff…..not necessarily here, but somewhere. And then I get to thinking: why don’t I just write it down somewhere private…a Word doc on my computer or in a paper diary? Somehow, that seems strange to me though. For a lot of the personal Web publishing crowd, the Web is the place for you to express your thoughts and feelings and such. To put those things elsewhere seems absurd. Or is it just me?