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People don’t know what to

posted by Jason Kottke   Feb 28, 2000

People don’t know what to make of my Amazon entry from yesterday. Entertain the possibility that I’m just playing the devil’s advocate here. Thinking aloud (rambling on?). Not jumping the gun. Not going along with the crowd, just because.

It’s important in situations such as these to educate yourself. Read the patent before you go signing petitions and pointing to Web sites.

I’m in an “all companies suck” mode right now. People are telling me I shouldn’t point at Amazon anymore. Should I point at B & N or Borders? Nope, they ran all the local mom and pop bookstores out of business. When I link to movies, should I point at Internet Movie Database? Oops, can’t, they’re owned by Amazon. Should I point at the movie Web site? Probably not….they’re making me pay too much for their movie…not to mention the popcorn….not to mention that all those huge media companies suck in one way or another. I really need to stop going to Miramax movies altogether because they’re owned by Disney, and Disney, as we all know, is brainwashing the minds of our youth.

But, but, but:

Amazon has a great selection, excellent customer service, and is a really good site for finding information on a wide selection of products. Barnes & Noble is fun to waste an afternoon in because they have a wide-ranging selection. IMDB has tons of useful information on movies. And movies….I can’t possibly stop going to those, even if they do cost too much. Even Disney makes a good flick (Toy Story 2) every once and a while.

Where does this leave me? I have no idea.