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I went to see The

posted by Jason Kottke   Feb 25, 2000

I went to see The Kids in the Hall this evening at the Orpheum Theatre (thanks for the ticket, Brad). It was pretty entertaining. I felt a little left out at times; the audience would cheer madly when they recognized a favorite character, but I wouldn’t really know what the hell was going on since I’ve never actually seen any of their shows before, except for the excellent Brain Candy. The best bits were the improvised lines and the parts where the Kids would be laughing too hard at themselves to perform the lines.

I’m going to have to start working the phrase “Jesus Christ on a bike” into the conversation more often.

I’ve never seen this before, but Amazon has a page for the Brain Candy DVD that encourages people to let the studio know that people want them to make the DVD version of the movie. I’d love to have this movie on DVD.

During the show, the Kids made numerous references to the Internet and….da dada da: porno. There you have it….five days in a row.