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Johnny alerted me to the

posted by Jason Kottke   Jan 19, 2000

Johnny alerted me to the latest Word redesign. The art director’s comments on why the site now looks like Yahoo! sound genuine, but I have a feeling it’s a tongue-in-cheek thing…with a point. Yahoo is pretty boring, which is great for Yahoo. On the flipside, some sites go overboard on Photoshop and the attitude, design becomes art (although people misleadingly call it design), and people are overwhelmed. Small fonts, huge 3D type, dashed lines, and faux dialog boxes do not always equal good information, Web or graphic design. God damn, am I in a pissy mood today or what?

Also at Word, Closeted Hetero tells the story of a self-made lesbian that ends up coming out of the closet when she figures out she’s actually hetero. A good read. It’s interesting to note that GBL people can be as bigoted and close-minded as anyone when it comes to sexuality choices.