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I noodled around with JavaScript

posted by Jason Kottke   Jan 24, 2000

I noodled around with JavaScript last night and came up with some bookmarklets (what are bookmarklets?) for my webcam and other stuff as well. You can test a particular bookmarklet on this page by clicking it, or take it with you by bookmarking it (that way, you won’t even have to come to the site to popup my cam window…neat, huh?). So here they are:

  • kottke.org webcam
  • kottke.org “Play with Jason” webcam (IE4+ on PC only)
  • the nubbin webcam
  • CamWorld weblogs
  • MouserCam
  • vitavision
  • Derek Powazek’s sutrocam
  • mollycam!

    And for good measure:

  • JenniCAM remote
  • Anacam remote

    These should work on any browser with JavaScript enabled; if they don’t, let me know.