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As I look at the

posted by Jason Kottke   Jan 06, 2000

As I look at the new UI for Apple’s OS X, why do I get the feeling I’m looking at an over-blown

Flash or DHTML site? Did the kid from Gabocorp do this? Specifically:

   - All this 3D shading, clear plastic shit drives me nuts. It works IRL…it looks seriously cheesy onscreen.

   - Is there a reason for the transparent pulldowns and dialogue boxes? I do

believe there’s room for transparency in an OS, but if there’s no functionality, it could potentially be distracting. Do I need to be looking at the image underneath the pulldown menu? Shouldn’t I be focusing on the text?

   - Are those “icons” at the bottom of the screen part of the wallpaper or are they functional? Spread them out a bit and your ordered little desktop starts looking like Joe’s Cool WWW Page and is equally as useless and confusing.

p.s. Love the new clear plastic tabs on Apple’s site too, by the way. It’s like iAmazon! Apple is losing some serious design cred with me, all the way around. iWannaThrowUp.