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The Gallery of Regrettable Food

posted by Jason Kottke Apr 28, 1999

The Gallery of Regrettable Food is the funniest site I've been to in a long time. Some highlights: 100s of ways to cook with lard, Spam clones, and gaining social stature through common nuts. The ads are funny and the copy completes the experience nicely.


posted by Jason Kottke Apr 28, 1999

I've been leaving my fly undone lately after I use the restroom. I never used to do that, but it's happened 5 or 6 times in the past two or three weeks. Do you think that this signifies a larger problem in my life? I hope not.

Futurama good and good for you

posted by Jason Kottke Apr 27, 1999

Well, it's official...Futurama is pretty damn good. The writing is sharp, lots of good jokes, the animation is excellent, and for the geeks out there, oodles of computer/sci-fi references.

Rasta mama

posted by Jason Kottke Apr 27, 1999

On the way home from work today, I came up behind a car that had a vanity plate reading "rasta2" and several bumper stickers featuring Jamaican flags. When I passed the car, I glanced over to look at the driver. Expecting a dreadlocked black man, I was a little surprised to see a middle-aged, heavy-set, bespectacled, blonde woman driving.

Shatner and Ben Folds Five on Conan

posted by Jason Kottke Apr 23, 1999

I caught William Shatner singing with Ben Folds Five on Conan last night. Well, singing really isn't the right word. It was more like he was talking over music...on the bridge of the Enterprise.

Sadly, Conan did not ask him if he's serious about his singing. Darn darn.

The Remedi Project updated

posted by Jason Kottke Apr 21, 1999

Josh Ulm and company have updated the Shockwave and Flash extravaganza know as The Remedi Project. It's purty.


posted by Jason Kottke Apr 21, 1999

Well, just like everyone in the US (and probably the rest of the world as well), I'm trying to make sense out of the happenings in Colorado. I can't seem to do it. "Senseless" is an overused word, especially by the television media, but in this case, it seems to fit pretty well.

We humans are a weird bunch...the best goods and the worst bads all in one freaky package.

20 Dates

posted by Jason Kottke Apr 20, 1999

20 Dates: some annoying guy goes out with 20 women and tapes it all. There were some really funny parts, but he never really tied it all together. Plus, the guy was a real jerk.

Older episodes of SNL

posted by Jason Kottke Apr 20, 1999

Evidently, NBC runs older episodes of SNL an hour or two after the regular episodes on Saturday night. I saw the last 30 minutes of a circa 1990 show hosted by Mel Gibson. All my favorites were present: Carvey, Lovitz, Hartman, and Dennis Miller. Ahhh...takes me back to high school.

Shakespeare in Love

posted by Jason Kottke Apr 20, 1999

I saw Shakespeare in Love for the second time at Suburban World. It was even better this time around than the first time I saw it. I'm beginning to think that the Academy voters weren't so loony after all.

Lack of updates

posted by Jason Kottke Apr 20, 1999

Sorry about the lack of updates. I've been alternately extremely busy and extremely not busy. When I'm busy, I don't have the time to update. When I'm not busy, I just want to get away from my computer...thus, no updates.

Also, it's day two of the new job. For those of you playing along at home, that's three or four (depending on how you want to look at it) jobs for Jason in the last nine months.

Where Wizards Stay Up Late : The Origins of the Internet

posted by Jason Kottke Apr 14, 1999

Reading Where Wizards Stay Up Late : The Origins of the Internet depressed me...even though it was really good. The people who developed what eventually became the Internet were ever so smart and cared about what they were doing and why they were doing it. The Internet today is increasingly in the hands of people concerned only with power and money. I'm going to try to do my small part to keep the spirit of the Internet founders alive.

Se7en seven 7

posted by Jason Kottke Apr 14, 1999

I had forgotten how good Se7en really was. Man. I'd seen it before so I knew what was going to happen, but it still had me on the edge of my seat the whole time. A well-written thriller.


posted by Jason Kottke Apr 14, 1999

Have you seen those commercials with the URL that's briefly flashed up on the screen, but the URL is so weird that you couldn't possibly remember what it was? Well, I've seen it so many times that I finally figured out what it is: http://www.iydkydg.com/. If you don't know, you don't go.

For fun, check the source code and look at the keywords meta tags. Looks like they're trying to attract the teen crowd from the search engines.

Taxi Driver

posted by Jason Kottke Apr 13, 1999

Taxi Driver was one of the classic movies that I had not yet seen. It was excellent...of course. The cinematography of the last scene had me puzzled though. It looked all jerky and robotic...I couldn't figure out if that effect was intended or if it was just crappy special effects.

Buy Mennen

posted by Jason Kottke Apr 13, 1999

I never realized just how clever the "by Mennen" jingle is. Not only are they telling you who makes Speed Stick, it's also a command: "buy Mennen." Of course, it can't be too clever; I use Old Spice.

The Matrix

posted by Jason Kottke Apr 10, 1999

The Matrix. Wow. A Hollywood action movie that doesn't suck. The special effects are out of this world, the martial arts are very well done, and the plot is not that bad either. Make more films like this please.


posted by Jason Kottke Apr 10, 1999

Watercoloured is a community of designers who just happen to be women. Some very nice stuff here if you root around a little.

Out of Order

posted by Jason Kottke Apr 10, 1999

I have no idea why I read Out of Order almost every day, but I do. It's so good. I even have the t-shirt.

Obscure Store and Reading Room

posted by Jason Kottke Apr 10, 1999

Jim Romenesko provides several excellent links per day in his Obscure Store and Reading Room, plus a jumping off point to quite a few online periodicals.

Annie Hall

posted by Jason Kottke Apr 08, 1999

Woody Allen is a neurotic freak...and it works for him in Annie Hall. After a while though, the constant self-analysis of the characters in the movie became a little overwhelming, and I lost interest. If I was Jewish and lived in New York, I might have understood it better.

Simply Porn happenings

posted by Jason Kottke Apr 08, 1999

Tons of things have been happening with 0sil8 so I will summarize. The Simply Porn ads are still off of my site, but can be reached on several other sites (a list is available). They've also garnered some press coverage, most notably in The Wall Street Journal, news.com, The San Jose Mercury, The St. Paul Pioneer Press, and Salon.

0sil8 was selected as Rave of the Day over on Netscape's What's Cool page.

No work and all play make Jason a fun boy

posted by Jason Kottke Apr 08, 1999

Today's my second day of no work. No work is fun....especially when there's lots of email to catch up on. I'll get to yours soon, I promise.

A non-update

posted by Jason Kottke Apr 07, 1999

You know, I really should update this, but I'm not going to. But I just did. Wrap your mind around that one if you can.

In the meantime, visit Every web page I went to this week. It is what it says.

April Fools Day

posted by Jason Kottke Apr 02, 1999

Well, April Fools Day has come and gone. Much merriment was had by all. Several Web sites pulled pranks with various degrees of success and excellence. One prank that I wish had been pulled was the mess that I've created over at 0sil8. Unfortunately, this isn't an April Fool's joke. On the bright side, 0sil8's been getting a lot of traffic because of it, and I'm learning all sorts of neat things about the law, big corporations, and "the little guy". Hopefully I'll publish it somewhere sometime.

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