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Design of airplane food

posted by Jason Kottke Feb 23, 1999

Web design and airplane food design have some things in common. On the Web, one often designs for 640x480 and on the plane, one has to make the food tray, beverage, and utensils all fit on the little fold-down tray.

Completely burnt up

posted by Jason Kottke Feb 22, 1999

I'm back from Mexico. Two things:

I'm very sunburnt. Very. Very very. It's hurting me to type this. I am not kidding. I am also not going to lay out in the sun for a very long time...possibly never again.

We got a ride from Cancun's very own techno cabbie. Soon after getting in the cab, he popped in a techno tape including, among other things, the Armand Van Helden remix of C.J. Bolland's Sugar is Sweeter. Very cool.

Off to Mexico

posted by Jason Kottke Feb 18, 1999

I'm off to Mexico for three and a half days. Three and a half days without my computer. Three and a half days without email. It's gonna be great. Maybe I'll tell you all about it when I get back.

Share a penny industry

posted by Jason Kottke Feb 17, 1999

So, when did the whole share-a-penny thing at the local gas station become an industry? I would imagine that a long time ago, somebody came up with an idea to put a little cup by the register so that people could drop their pennies in there for other customers to utilize when they were short a couple cents. Other people adopted the idea and now there's a share-a-penny cup at pretty much every gas station one goes to. In fact, the share-a-penny idea has advanced to the point where there are specialized cups made especially for placement on station counters.

Let's stop to think about this for a minute. This means that somewhere there's a machine (or possibly a whole factory of machines) punching out these custom penny cups. There are engineers designing bigger and better share-a-penny cups. Teams of marketing people are trying to build share-a-penny mindshare in the heads of gas station owners. Share-a-penny cup salespeople are out there going gas station door to gas station door selling their product. An army of delivery trucks are delivering these cups around the globe.

Does this seem odd to anyone else?

Bad day

posted by Jason Kottke Feb 15, 1999

My car won't start and I don't know why. That's gotten my day off to a bad start.

The Cardigans at First Ave

posted by Jason Kottke Feb 14, 1999

Nichol and I went to the Cardigans show at First Ave. last night. Pretty good show. Nina Persson's voice was amazingly good...she actually sounds like she does on the album. Plus, she's hot, hot, hot.

So glad it's over

posted by Jason Kottke Feb 12, 1999

I'm listening to a live RealAudio broadcast of the impeachment vote. It's over. He's been acquitted.


Send a Li'l Lovin'

posted by Jason Kottke Feb 11, 1999

I'm off to Mexico in a week and a half. Excited? Yes! I'll tell you all about it when I get back.

Send your favorite celebrity to the one you love, now on 0sil8. Send a Li'l Lovin'.

Fuck the Police

posted by Jason Kottke Feb 05, 1999

The crap week from hell continues. I fell asleep whilst reading my book in a mall food court over my lunch hour and got rousted by a police officer who told me to wake up and move along. I don't look that much like a vagrant, do I?

Fuck the Police.

Tired and cranky

posted by Jason Kottke Feb 04, 1999

I'm tired and cranky. I'm going home.

Ebay CSotY award on Ebay.

posted by Jason Kottke Feb 03, 1999

I'm sure most of you have seen this by now, but eBay didn't accept their CSotY award for cool shopping site, someone else stepped in and accepted it, and it's now up for auction on eBay.

It's a thing of beauty...one of those absolutely perfect moments.

Used books

posted by Jason Kottke Feb 01, 1999

Used books are cool. Same great content, low low prices. I picked up 5 new books this weekend, all for about $30. I got a great old 2 volume copy of Outline of History by H.G. Wells, an old copy of Darwin's The Origin of Species, Full House by Stephen Jay Gould, and a crazy book called Techniques of Revenge, published by Loompanics, a company that publishes books on all sorts of strange topics, from guerilla warfare to bypassing burglar alarms.

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