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Understanding ourselves

posted by Jason Kottke Jun 30, 1998

Why haven't we figured people out yet? Maybe it's because we have nothing to compare ourselves against. There are no other species out there with our intelligence or verbal communication or any of the other things that make human beings unique among the creatures of the earth. Perhaps the most interesting thing about discovering intelligent alien beings would not be understanding them, but understanding ourselves.

New 0sil8

posted by Jason Kottke Jun 19, 1998

New 0sil8. Yay! And only 20 days late.


posted by Jason Kottke Jun 15, 1998

I'm going to Web98 in a week. I'm pretty excited. I get to: see San Francisco for the first time, meet a bunch of people F2F that I have corresponded with via email, go to a big Web conference for the first time, and be part of the Cool Site in a Day event. Representin' east side style. Word.

In other news, 0sil8 should be up and running again before I go. Now, I'm not promising anything, but that's the plan. So, look for a new episode by the end of the week.

Crime against [blank].

posted by Jason Kottke Jun 05, 1998

From Wired News (side blurb on front page) concerning the sentencing of Terry Nichols in the Okla. City bombing:

"The judge said the bombing was not so much a crime against the 169 people who died and their families as it was a 'crime against the Constitution of the United States. That's the victim.'"

This pisses me off more than I thought it would. While in some cases I would agree that the interests of the govt. should supercede those of a few people, comparing the lives of all those people (and their families) to the Constitution was a huge fuckup on the judge's part. What an idiot.

Fuck like a wild man.

posted by Jason Kottke Jun 04, 1998

Evidently, I fuck like a wild man.

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