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Street Photographer Captures Perfectly Timed Scenes

photo of a mural with an angel that looks like it's picking something out of a garbage bin the foreground

a truck with two dolphins on the back is parked next to the ocean in such a way where it looks like the dolphins are leaping out of the actual water

a woman walks in front of an advertisement where it appears a person is taking something from her cart

a rainbow appears to emanate from a photographer's camera

Greek photographer Anthimos Ntagkas stalks the streets in search of visual coincidences to capture and put on his Instagram account. My Modern Met talked to Ntagkas about his process:

Nowadays, I don’t choose the place, but I make every location work for me. I combine people with elements everywhere I stand. Luckily the themes in this type of photography are endless, and I never lose interest.

See also Eric Kogan’s photography, which has a similar vibe.