Quick Links for March 2021

Gentle Cinema recommendations: movies that feature "pleasant people doing pleasant things and there's not much drama and you just kind of feel lovely about the world".  letterboxd.com
Slamilton, a mashup of the music from Hamilton and Space Jam.  youtube.com
According to the National Labor Relations Board, "Amazon repeatedly violated the rights of employees who pushed for health and safety improvements during the coronavirus pandemic". But the NLRB is powerless to do anything about it.  buzzfeednews.com
30 of the Best Book Covers of the Year (So Far). Some great design in here.  printmag.com
Opening lines of books, rewritten for the pandemic. Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë: "There was no possibility of taking a walk that day. Too many people were outside without masks on. Oh, well, never too early for Netflix."  newyorker.com
The trailer for Zola, a movie based on a Twitter thread by @_zolarmoon that went viral in 2015.  theverge.com
On the coming 4th surge of Covid-19 in the US. "I understand the impatience with restrictions – I'm fed up and tired, too – but our restlessness risks creating one last set of victims who could easily be spared."  theatlantic.com
Photos of people from all around the world getting vaccinated for Covid-19.  theatlantic.com
"The Kremlin may be slowly killing Alexei Navalny in prison. The world must not let it happen."  washingtonpost.com
Socialism 101: The latest episode of Planet Money is a short primer on socialism featuring economist Richard Wolff.  npr.org
"The Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus vaccine is extremely effective in adolescents 12 to 15 years old, perhaps even more so than in adults, the companies reported on Wednesday." Zero infections & no serious side effects in trials.  nytimes.com
VW’s name change to “Voltswagen” is a dumb April Fools joke. Another own goal by the company. How about this: make good cars, sell them to people, and stfu.  theverge.com
The book version of Amanda Gorman's inaugural poem, The Hill We Climb, is out today.  bookshop.org
You can watch Bowling for Columbine for free on Michael Moore's YouTube channel. I haven't seen this in years – I wonder how it holds up?  youtube.com
A rumination on the passing of time during the pandemic through the lens of filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky.  youtube.com
The date of full bloom of the Kyoto cherry blossoms has been measured since 812. Due to climate change, they've been blooming earlier & earlier. In 2021, they bloomed earlier than ever before.  datagraver.com
Very frustrated at the continuing lack of rapid testing (and free mask distribution) in the US. The vaccines are great, but we could move even faster & smarter w/ lots of antigen testing & more mask-wearing.  twitter.com
Another survey by Kaiser Family Foundation also shows that Covid vaccine hesitancy has dropped in the last few months. "Republicans and white evangelical Christians were the most likely to say they will not get vaccinated."  khn.org
CDC survey says Covid vaccine hesitancy in the US is down from 22% saying they definitely or probably wouldn't get vaccinated in January to 17% in March.  twitter.com
A simple simulation game where you try to steer a ship through the Suez Canal. It took me only 30 seconds to Ever Given that thing right into the bank.  cnn.com
"Volkswagen plans to change its brand name in the United States to 'Voltswagen'" – I hope this is an April Fools thing. VW has been *terrible* in naming cars in recent years: Tiguan, Arteon, Touareg...yuck.  apnews.com
A super-lightweight low-bandwidth version of Google News.  68k.news
"There are a whole lot of ways to be perfect, and not one of them is attained through punishment." –Ursula K. Le Guin  brainpickings.org
"Medieval Europeans were fanatical about a strange fruit that could only be eaten rotten. Then it was forgotten altogether. Why did they love it so much? And why did it disappear?"  bbc.com
More on that CDC study: "There has been debate over whether vaccinated people can still get asymptomatic infections and transmit the virus to others. The study...suggested that since infections were so rare, transmission is likely rare, too."  nytimes.com
"Across the largest [US] 50 cities, median rent has increased 175% faster than household incomes."  phys.org
"Real world" study of health care workers shows 90% efficacy of the Moderna and Pfizer/BioNTech Covid-19 vaccines.  statnews.com
We Can't End the Pandemic Without Vaccinating Kids. "So far, children have mostly been spared from the worst aspects of Covid-19. Let's keep it that way."  nytimes.com
Unlike in other US cities, violent crime dropped sharply during the pandemic in Baltimore after the city temporarily stopped prosecuting drug possession, prostitution, and other minor charges. So the city made those changes permanent.  washingtonpost.com
Even though Norway has only vaccinated a small portion of its population and hasn't stockpiled doses, it's donating a large portion of its current Covid-19 vaccine allotment to lower-income countries.  healthpolicy-watch.news
A list of 10 beloved movies that Roger Ebert disliked, including Dead Poets Society, Blue Velvet, A Clockwork Orange, and Fight Club.  cinemablend.com
A visualization of and memorial to the more than 28,000 people that have died in encounters with police in the United States from 2000 until the death of George Floyd.  theirnames.org
Ted Cruz Decries Voting Rights Bill As Shameless Power Grab By American People To Control Country  politics.theonion.com
Suez Canal traffic report  twitter.com
‘Ramona Quimby’ author Beverly Cleary has died at the age of 104.  harpercollins.com
Ian Manuel spent 18 consecutive years in solitary confinement from age 15 to 33. "The harrowing injustice I suffered as a boy should never happen to another child in this country." Solitary is straight-up state-mandated torture.  nytimes.com
"Like many places, USA TODAY values 'equality and inclusion,' but only as long as it knows its rightful place, which is subservient to white authority."  hemjhaveri.medium.com
"The National Academies of Sciences released a monster report on Thursday outlining how the U.S. could create a plan to block the sun should the world not reduce carbon emissions fast enough or if global warming becomes a threat to human existence."  earther.gizmodo.com
It took 25 years to determine the cause of a mass bald eagle die-off because the culprit was "a specific algae that lives on a specific invasive water plant and makes a novel toxin, but only in the presence of specific pollutants".  theatlantic.com
Flanked by six white men, Governor Brian Kemp signed Georgia's new voter suppression measures into law underneath a painting of an actual slave plantation. "The new, new Jim Crow" indeed.  twitter.com
I Like That The Boat Is Stuck. "I like knowing that there can be a big problem that's caused by something as straightforward and comprehensible as a stuck boat."  stone-soup.ghost.io
The White House press corps didn't ask President Biden a single question about the pandemic at his first press conference yesterday. Not one! From @zeynep, here are 10 questions they should have asked him.  zeynep.substack.com
The Hard Work of Remembering. "As of today 545,305 people in this country have died from COVID-19. If the names were on the same bronze parapets as the 9/11 memorial, they’d stretch for forty-nine miles."  blprnt.medium.com
Yes, this. But also: I am torn between a) the knowlege that I need to cut *myself* some slack and b) the continuous criticism of myself. Working on it!  austinkleon.com
Over the past 40 years, Kevin Kelly travelled to 35 countries in Asia, documenting unique cultures before they disappear. The result is Vanishing Asia, a 3-volume book containing over 9000 photographs.  kickstarter.com
Dominion Voting Systems filed a $1.6 billion defamation lawsuit against Fox News, arguing they lied about Dominion rigging the 2020 election. Sue those fuckers right into the ground.  apnews.com
Is that ship still stuck?  istheshipstillstuck.com
Visualizing deaths caused by policing in the United States. "These three alarming trends...could suggest that the police are becoming increasingly aggressive and invested in maintaining the racial order."  leonardonicoletti.com
In this video essay, Rob McGinley Myers connects the US political system & ruling class to the gaslighting & the ridiculous villains in Rosemary's Baby, "a movie about the disturbing influence of ridiculous, old, white, rich people".  youtube.com
Four Cellists Play Ravel's "Bolero" on One Cello  openculture.com
How the Top 0.01 Percent Became America's Criminal Class. "An underfunded and overworked IRS has enabled a handful of plutocratic tax cheats to live large at the expense of everyone else."  newrepublic.com
New study finds that tax evasion is rampant among America's wealthy: more than 20% of their income goes unreported, to the tune of $175B/yr. The underfunded IRS doesn't have the resources to investigate this theft.  bloomberg.com
For some reason, my teen son has become obsessed with the "Dicky Moe" episode of Tom & Jerry. To be fair, the first 40 seconds are a brilliant animated distillation of Captain Ahab's deranged whale obsession.  youtube.com
NY Times food critic Tejal Rao lost her sense of smell (and therefore taste) from a Covid-19 infection and months later she's still working to get it back.  nytimes.com
The 32 Greatest Character Actors Working Today.  vulture.com
Krispy Kreme Offers Vaccinated Customers Free Ride On Glaze Conveyor Belt.  theonion.com
I feel like Slack used to be the type of company that didn't roll out features without "well-thought-out moderation protections" (bc Flickr founders & other thoughtful folks worked there).  theverge.com
So much of the contemporary world can be explained by individuals or small groups having unprecedented amounts of power over much larger groups of people.  twitter.com
To make strictly kosher matzah for Passover, you need to ensure that "less than 18 minutes elapse from the time the water touches flour to the time the matzah enters the oven" so that the dough doesn't have time to rise.  oukosher.org
"Virginia, the state that has executed more people than any other in the nation, is abolishing the death penalty today." It's the first formerly Confederate state to do so.  theappeal.org
The Boston Globe and BU's Center for Antiracist Research are resurrecting and reimagining The Emancipator, an abolitionist newspaper founded in 1820 (it was the first one in the US).  bostonglobe.com
This short paper shows a dramatic difference in infection rates between staff at a Texas hospital who received Covid-19 vaccinations and those who did not. Worrying stat tho: even though they had access, 22% of staff remained unvaxxed.  nejm.org
Livecam of a bald eagle's nest with two newly hatched eaglets (and a third to come). So cute!  aswp.org
Wow, George Oates has returned to Flickr to revitalize fantastic Commons on Flickr program she launched back in 2008. What great news – The Commons is one of the web's true gems.  blog.flickr.net
"In City After City, Police Mishandled Black Lives Matter Protests." Mishandled? Or deliberately escalated? Police intentionally rioted in American streets last summer as a show of force & a rebuke to any restriction of their power & autonomy.  nytimes.com
Germany is currently negotiating the return of hundreds of Benin bronzes to Nigeria.  theguardian.com
A thread of people's favorite lists on Wikipedia, like "List of local winds" and "List of sexually active popes".  twitter.com
On the Americal ritual of a Killing Day. "Mass shootings are by now a standard part of American life. Preparing for them has become a ritual of childhood."  kieranhealy.org
Amazon Delivery Drivers Forced to Sign 'Biometric Consent' Form or Lose Job. Amazon could be a beloved company (and still hugely profitable) if they wanted to be but it just doesn't seem like they want to be.  vice.com
Pickup lines generated by AI. "What's the definition of a femtometer? Cause I'd like to run it through your quark 10 times."  janellecshane.substack.com
How to Wait in Line. "Distract yourself to pass the time. If you can, embrace the camaraderie of wanting something en masse."  nytimes.com
For a limited time, the ebook version of Charles Mann's excellent 1491 is on sale for $2.99. This book rearranged my brain when I read it in 2005.  amazon.com
Ten people were killed in a mass shooting in Boulder, Colorado supermarket yesterday. In America, part of opening back up after a pandemic is the return of periodic public slaughter. (Gun sales surged massively in 2020.)  apnews.com
Sylvia Plath's Food Diary. The poet wrote about food a lot and @whatsylviaate is keeping track. "God, must I lose it in cooking scrambled eggs for a man?"  atlasobscura.com
Mickey Drexler tells the Old Navy origin story. "I did some research and found that 80% of the jeans in America sold for less than $30, and Gap's price point started at $34.50."  whyisthisinteresting.substack.com
This article has a title that proved irresistible to me: "The Pastry A.I. That Learned to Fight Cancer".  newyorker.com
A lovely lightweight experiment from Matt Webb: two or more simultaneous readers on the same page will trigger a smiling emoji in the upper right hand corner...and they can share highlighted text snippets too.  interconnected.org
Who can and can't get vaccinated right now around the world. While I wait my turn, I've learned there's no polite way to ask friends my age and younger how they've gotten vaccinated already.  nytimes.com
Drive & Listen – virtually "drive" around cities while listening to music.  driveandlisten.herokuapp.com
This is wild: people vary in how fast they age. "The slowest ager gained only 0.4 'biological years' for each chronological year in age; in contrast, the fastest-aging participant gained nearly 2.5 biological years for every chronological year."  upi.com
As spiders age, they produce less web and their feet lose some of their grip. So this person added some climbing aids to help her pet spider climb to a favorite spot.  tiktok.com
In a large US/Chile/Peru trial, the Oxford/AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine was 79% effective in preventing symptomatic illness and 100% effective against severe or critical disease and hospitalization.  theguardian.com
According to guidance from the CDC, after you're vaccinated for Covid-19 you should still wear a mask and practice social distancing when in public.  apnews.com
Cookie Consent Speed Run. How quickly can you decline all the cookies? "This game uses all the text and tricks of normal cookie consent pop-ups and banners, so don't blame me if it's too hard."  cookieconsentspeed.run
An extensive analysis of the timing of Covid-19's emergence. "It is highly probable that SARS-CoV-2 was circulating in Hubei province at low levels in early-November 2019 and possibly as early as October 2019, but not earlier."  science.sciencemag.org
A collection of verified fundraisers for the families of the Atlanta-area spa shootings and for organizations to help stop hate and violence against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.  gofundme.com
Thinking about kids and Covid this summer, "your unvaccinated kid is like a vaccinated grandma" in terms of risk of infection and serious illness.  theatlantic.com
"We have also been well-trained to resist inconvenience, even of the mildest sort: I want what I want, I want it this way, and at this cost, and I want it now."  annehelen.substack.com
"Substack's business is a scam. They claim to offer writers a level playing field for making a living, and instead they pay an elite, secret group of writers to be on the platform and make newsletter writing appear to be more lucrative than it is."  thehypothesis.substack.com
In a chess match against grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura, Magnus Carlsen played an opening known as the bongcloud, a move "you'd have to be stoned to the gills to think it was a good idea".  theguardian.com
"The Sweden Solar System (SSS) is the world’s largest model of our planetary system. The Sun is represented by the Globe in Stockholm, the largest spherical building in the world, and the planets are lined up in direction north from here."  swedensolarsystem.se
The Curious World of Animals. "Take a glimpse at the natural world which surrounds us in this groundbreaking documentary that nobody asked for."  vimeo.com
My Mom Believes In QAnon. I've Been Trying To Get Her Out.  buzzfeednews.com
Sympathetic Police Know What It’s Like To Have A Bad Day And Kill 8 People  theonion.com
The Responsibility of Saving Restaurants Should Never Have Been Ours. "By refusing to act, the government effectively told diners that workers' livelihoods and lives were in their hands."  eater.com
Breadwinner is a gadget that keeps track of your sourdough starter to let you know when it's too hot/cold and when it's ready to use.  breadwinner.life
Good thread from Linsey Marr summarizing her House testimony about the airborne transmission of Covid-19. Ppl working in gas stations here in VT still routinely go unmasked behind plexi partitions; drives me nuts!  twitter.com
Astrophotographer J-P Metsavainio spent 12 years and 1250 hours of exposure time to capture this 1.7 gigapixel image of the Milky Way.  astroanarchy.blogspot.com
Hollaback! is offering free bystander intervention training to help stop Anti-Asian/American and xenophobic harassment. Even if you can't do the training, check out the resources at the bottom of the page.  ihollaback.org
Art heist! Houston's Rienzi House Museum was (maybe) robbed last night. The thieves escaped by motor boat, disappeared into a drainage tunnel, and are still at large. Still unclear if anything was actually taken...  twitter.com
The US is sitting on a stockpile of AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine doses that we won't be able to use. Send them to countries that can use them to save lives!  nytimes.com
Horrific: eight people were murdered (7 women, 6 of Asian descent) by a white man in three different locations in the Atlanta area yesterday. Let's call this what it is: white supremacist terrorism fueled by easy access to guns.  nytimes.com
Here's what living with Long Covid for a year is like. "Until November I had a racing heartbeat and my HR would shoot up anytime I used my arms while standing."  twitter.com
Shakespeare in the Park is returning to NYC's Central Park this summer! Civilization is healing...  playbill.com
Lessons for the Next Pandemic. "To prepare for the next pandemic, the government must put science and data above all else."  nytimes.com
On the unrealistic expectations of the American system of work. "Long before Covid-19 hit, Americans were expected to work like they didn't have families."  vox.com
The Logo Quiz. How well do you know tech company logos?  logoquiz.fun
People are speedrunning Wikipedia (getting from, say, the WP page on LeBron James to the page about cream cheese the fastest).  twitter.com
Evidence from Israel that their aggressive vaccination efforts are working. Look at that steep, steady drop in hospitalizations in the 60+ age group.  nature.com
2020 was "the year the y-axis broke".  axios.com
A list of the 2021 Oscar nominees. (Are we supposed to believe that Judas and the Black Messiah had no lead actors?)  nytimes.com
A ranking of every Notorious B.I.G. track  passionweiss.com
The Age of Data – Embracing Algorithms in Art & Design. "An anthology of genre-redefining data-based art. Featuring 40 artists, designers and studios."  kickstarter.com
Novovax announced that their Covid-19 vaccine is "96% effective in preventing cases caused by the original version of the coronavirus" (phase 3 results). Right up there w/ Pfizer and Moderna. Also 86% effective against B.1.1.7.  reuters.com
What's this, a fresh new design for the Noticing newsletter? You can check it out right here.  mailchi.mp
"States with Republican governors had highest Covid incidence and death rates, study finds."  nbcnews.com
Old-school NYC diner Eisenberg's Sandwich Shop has shuttered. Very sad – I used to work nearby and got takeout lunch there at least once a week.  grubstreet.com
Sobering visualization of the 2.3 million Americans currently jailed or imprisoned. "The United States holds more people in jails and prisons than any other country by far, both in absolute numbers and as a percentage of population."  mkorostoff.github.io
One year ago today, the reality of Covid-19 finally & dramatically hit the United States. On 3/11/2020, the Dow plummeted, the WHO officially called it a "pandemic", the NBA suspended its season, and Tom Hanks announced his diagnosis.  buzzfeednews.com
Research suggests that increasing the minimum wage could help lower suicide rates. "So many people who died by suicide weren't just starving for therapeutic attention. They were starving."  nytimes.com
"I have one of the most advanced prosthetic arms in the world — and I hate it."  inputmag.com
Lego is going to produce a set featuring Vincent van Gogh's painting The Starry Night. It's based on an idea contributed by Truman Cheng, who will receive a 1% royalty from all sales of the set.  news.artnet.com
A list of the 30 best movie performances of the 21st century (so far), including those by Adam Sandler, Tiffany Haddish, Adam Driver, Lupita Nyong'o, and Lindsay Lohan.  newyorker.com
A growing share of Americans say they plan to get a Covid-19 vaccine: 69% vs only 51% in Sept 2020.  pewresearch.org
This study gave $500/mo in no-strings-attached cash to low-income folks for two years. After, recipients were happier, healthier, less anxious, and more likely to have a job. "The best way to get people out of poverty is just to get them out of poverty."  theatlantic.com
A new type of space explosion: "A supernova-like explosion dubbed the Camel appears to be the result of a newborn black hole eating a star from the inside out."  quantamagazine.org
Cards Against Malarkey, a 52-card deck featuring ballpoint drawings of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, AOC, Stacey Abrams, Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, etc. illustrated by @claire_salvo.  clairesalvo.com
In 1977, the "world's last lost tourist", bound for San Francisco from Germany, mistakenly got off the plane in Maine. "The rusted green bridge that links Bangor to neighboring Brewer was clearly not the Golden Gate, but Kreuz carried on regardless."  sfgate.com
How Looney Tunes & Other Classic Cartoons Helped Americans Become Musically Literate. "Who can hear Wagner without wanting to sing at the top of their lungs, 'Kill da wabbit, Kill da wabbit, Kill da wabbit!'"  openculture.com
Plots of 80s movies if their protagonists had been people of color. "Ferris attends school that day, and every other day, until he graduates high school as valedictorian, goes to Yale, and becomes a dermatologist."  newyorker.com
Hard to pick the best line from this review of the Harry/Meghan/Oprah interview but: "For the Irish, [having a monarchy next door] is like having a neighbour who's really into clowns and, also, your grandfather was murdered by a clown."  irishtimes.com
Out today: Walter Isaacson's The Code Breaker, the story of how Nobel-winner Jennifer Doudna & her colleagues developed the Crispr gene editing technique.  bookshop.org
This Lego bonsai tree is "a mindful build" designed for adults.  lego.com
There Are Days, a poem by Kate Baer. "How they climb and climb and climb and climb."  instagram.com
The pandemic travel pause has given some communities a chance to rethink tourism. "Tourism had become extractive and hurtful, with tourists coming here and taking, taking, taking, taking, without any reciprocation with locals."  nytimes.com
Jazz Popcorn Robot  twitter.com
1-in-670 Americans has died of Covid-19 and 1-in-3 has lost someone they loved. This heart-wrenching interactive feature from the NY Times profiles some of those who have been lost and those left behind. Make some time for this.  nytimes.com
Terry Boot takes over for Peter Foot at a shoe company. This is the best name-fits-the-job news since Doug Bowser became president of Nintendo of America.  twitter.com
There's No Real Reason to Eat 3 Meals a Day. "Your weird pandemic eating habits are probably fine." In the past year, I've seen a big uptick in eating because I'm bored (and less healthily too).  theatlantic.com
Reading this thread about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's interview with Oprah Winfrey reminds me of @RottenInDenmark's observation that "fame is abuse" and that it's "a human rights violation to have the royal family at this point".  twitter.com
The Kilobyte's Gambit. Can you beat 1024 bytes of JavaScript in chess? (I love the disclaimer about not reporting en passant capturing as a bug.)  vole.wtf
Whoa, I heard this sonic boom created by a meteor last night. Didn't see the fireball but the boom was so deep & loud that I legit started looking around for a mushroom cloud (80s kid habit).  facebook.com
Needledrop is a virtual turntable interface for playing YouTube videos.  thomaspark.co
Andy Slavitt shared some texts he's gotten from people who have been vaccinated against Covid-19.  twitter.com
The Dalai Lama got his first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine today.  instagram.com
"America, my emotional teenage girl, I love you."  nytimes.com
The 50 Best Movie and TV Show Twists of All Time. Knives Out, Citizen Kane, Infinity War, The Good Place, Empire Strikes Back, and more.  theringer.com
Matt Webb does some quick math: if a NAND gate made of two transistors cost 8 cents in 1981, then building the chip for a single iPhone (containing 11.8 billion transistors) would cost $1.4 billion in today's dollars.  interconnected.org
A recent study found a correlation between places with Black Lives Matter protests and decreased killings by police. "Many cities with larger and more frequent BLM protests experienced greater declines in police homicides."  scientificamerican.com
HOVER BOAT  bbc.com
A new light installation by James Turrell is opening at MASS MoCA in May 2021. "I can make the sky any color you choose."  massmoca.org
Just sent out this week’s image-rich issue of the @kottke newsletter, featuring Wandavision cartoons (no spoilers!), letterlocking, and printed hair flowers.  mailchi.mp
Zizmorcore is the "wearable city pride" seen in NYC during the pandemic, with residents increasingly wearing clothes representing the city's beloved institutions.  thecut.com
"Why did Jack Dorsey buy Jay-Z's failed music service?" Square bought a majority stake in TIDAL for some reason...  vox.com
I have experienced absolutely no vaccine FOMO. It's not my turn yet and mostly I just feel happy anytime people I know (or even folks I don't) get their shot. Every jab gets us all closer to some normalcy.  vice.com
"Looking closely at dang near anything might very well be the key to it all." –@craigmod  craigmod.com
Day Care Makes The World More Tender. "Silence the voice inside your head that has internalized the patriarchal belief that children are best loved at home, exclusively by their mothers."  romper.com
Holy wow, this story by @choitotheworld. "All the pain of the past year taught me something: the true nature of intimacy."  gq.com
Johnson & Johnson announces trials to test their Covid-19 vaccine in children aged 12-17 and, following that, in younger children and infants. In an interview elsewhere, J&J's CEO said those trials should be completed by Sept.  nytimes.com
"The lack of an iconic photograph from the coronavirus crisis has been nagging at me for months."  theatlantic.com
It's weird that a) NY will allow live performances to resume in April and b) this @nytimes piece about it doesn't include a single quote from a scientist or public health official. Cases, positivity, deaths still at high levels in NYC.  nytimes.com
Woman finds entire other apartment in her NYC apartment. (Literally everyone who's ever lived in the city has had a dream like this.)  twitter.com
Khoi Vinh and his 11-year-old daughter designed a family cookbook together. "It was a blast talking about these fairly esoteric topics...to have it come alive for her, demystifying the act of what it takes to create a 'real' book."  subtraction.com
The automatic Covid-19 exposure-detection apps didn't work in the US because many states didn't offer apps and no one used them anyway.  daringfireball.net
Dolly Parton gets her first Covid-19 shot (she helped fund Moderna's research) and sings a little song to the tune of Jolene. "Vaccine, vaccine, vaccine, vaccine, 'cause once you're dead, that's a bit too late."  youtube.com
This is a hell of a job opening: working on the woolly mammoth de-extinction project.  reviverestore.org
Really happy to see that the Covid-19 vaccination effort is speeding up in Vietnam. In order to effectively end the pandemic (and guard against future dangerous variants), a fast, worldwide effort is necessary.  vietnamweekly.substack.com
This is how I feel every time I read about good vaccine news or hear about a friend or their parents or grandparents (or anyone really) getting vaccinated.  twitter.com
“President Joe Biden announced Tuesday that the US will have enough vaccine supply for all adults by the end of May, two months earlier than previously expected.”  buzzfeednews.com
What if Reese's Peanut Butter Cups but without the chocolate? "Both the outer shell and inside of the cup are all peanut butter." YES.  usatoday.com
What if the Earth were listed for sale on Zillow? "BEAUTIFUL, SUN-DRENCHED planet TRANSFORMED by human touch... The humans also redid all the floors in asphalt..."  newyorker.com
Oh ho, look at this: you can now pre-order Until Proven Safe: The History and Future of Quarantine, the timely new book from power nerd couple @nicolatwilley & @geoffmanaugh.  bookshop.org
How to process unfamiliar information (or fake news) online: "1. Stop. 2. Investigate the source. 3. Find better coverage. 4. Trace claims, quotes and media to the original context." (SIFT)  nytimes.com
"An oily, 100-nanometer-wide bubble of genes has killed more than two million people and reshaped the world." But are viruses alive?  nytimes.com
"First vaccine to fully immunize against malaria builds on pandemic-driven RNA tech".   academictimes.com
The COVID Zoom Boom Is Reshaping Sign Language. "Deaf people are adapting signs to accommodate the limitations of video communication while working from home."  scientificamerican.com
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