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  Quick Links for March 2020

If your school is considering cancelling IRL graduation ceremonies, here's a helpful guide to creating a virtual graduation ceremony instead.  medium.com
Whoa, Dark Sky (the weather app) got bought by Apple.  blog.darksky.net
Quarantene, a song about staying home sung to the tune of Dolly Parton's Jolene. "Quarantine, Quarantine, Quarantine, Quarantine. Please don't go out just because you can."  joshlafayette.bandcamp.com
Patrick Stewart is reading a Shakespeare sonnet every day on Instagram. "A sonnet a day keeps the doctor away?"  instagram.com
This is super depressing but not surprising: The Social-Distancing Culture War Has Begun. "They made a show of shaking hands, and complained loudly about the 'stupid hoax' being propagated by virus alarmists."  theatlantic.com
Fun web toy for making colorful patterns  colorpush.wetransfer.com
With movie theaters around the world closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, drive-in movie theaters are having a moment in the spotlight  theatlantic.com
Advice from a cinematographer on how to look & sound your best while video conferencing (mind your angles & your light). You could also ask a friend who's good at selfies for advice.  medium.com
Lots of folks are baking bread while sheltering from the pandemic, but not many of them are doing so using 4500-year-old yeast and ancient Egyptians recipes and methods.  twitter.com
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban was just granted the power to rule by decree in fighting the pandemic with no time limit to hand that power back. (This happened with Palpatine in Attack of the Clones...and that didn't turn out so well...)  bbc.com
Colorables, a collection of free printable coloring pages  colorabl.es
This is lovely & joyous: twin boys from Sicily play Coldplay's Viva La Vida on the violin  twitter.com
Closed Japanese schools are holding graduation ceremonies in Minecraft  twitter.com
Dutch swear words are more often about disease than are English swears. "An undesirable person might be told to 'typhus off' (optyfussen) or 'get consumption' (krijg de tering)."  economist.com
"If you take basic precautions, including washing your hands frequently, the danger from accepting a package from a delivery driver or from takeout from a local restaurant or from buying groceries is [small and manageable]."  washingtonpost.com
From Apple, CDC, and FEMA, an app and website that offers up-to-date information & guidance on COVID-19.  apple.com
The Four Possible Timelines for Life Returning to Normal. "Come summer, Americans might get restaurants but no music festivals, offices but no crowded beaches, bars with spaced-out seating."  theatlantic.com
"The Board Game Remix Kit is a collection of games that you can play using the boards and pieces from games you might already own: Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly, Clue and Scrabble." Now available for free download.  bgrk.itch.io
YES! THIS! "A huge research literature shows disaster makes people *more* pro-social. They cooperate. They support each other. They're better than ever."  twitter.com
UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has COVID-19  twitter.com
A ranking of Radiohead's 40 greatest songs. "'I want you to notice when I'm not around,' Yorke broods, a perfect lyric he probably hates."  theguardian.com
Six Feet of Separation, an online youth newspaper started by a group of quarantined kids in San Francisco. The contributors ages range from 2 to 19.  flipsnack.com
Portrait of a Lady on Fire premieres on Hulu tomorrow. VOD in April. One of the best new movies I've seen in the past year.  twitter.com
Bread baking is on the rise (*ahem*) during the pandemic. Yeast and flour are in high demand (my local store has been sold out of yeast for at least a week and a half).  eater.com
Epidemiologists have been puzzled at how Japan has kept COVID-19 at bay even though folks there are mostly going about their normal lives. Now their luck may be running out.  nytimes.com
"An emerging consensus points to aggressive tracing of contacts of sick people, much broader testing, targeted quarantines, and new online tracking technology as strategies that would facilitate the easing of social distancing measures."  statnews.com
Mailchimp will be showing more than 70 short films that were supposed to show at the cancelled SXSW Film Festival  mailchimp.com
Singapore will open source the code for TraceTogether, a contact tracing app for use during the pandemic. "The TraceTogether app can identify people who have been within 2m of coronavirus patients for at least 30 minutes."  straitstimes.com
Chef Floyd Cardoz (of NYC's Tabla) has died from complications related to COVID-19  ny.eater.com
Media Matters: "Fox News' coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic: medically inaccurate, malevolently racist, motivated by politics"  mediamatters.org
A prescient article from 2018: The Next Pandemic Will Be Arriving Shortly. "As a result, in 2018, it is impossible to reconcile the redirection of funds away from preparing for pandemics with these realities on the ground."  foreignpolicy.com
Nine Extremely Long, Extremely Good Movies (to watch on streaming). The Right Stuff, Hoop Dreams, Barry Lyndon, etc.  theringer.com
The latest issue of the @kottke newsletter just went out. I’m feeling a little fragile today – I hope that intro isn’t too rough.  mailchi.mp
Working with Italian doctors, engineers have developed a 3D printed adapter to turn a snorkeling mask into an emergency non-invasive ventilator for COVID-19 patients. The template is available for free.  3dprintingmedia.network
An Arizona couple tried to self-medicate after watching Trump suggest an untested treatment on TV. The husband died, the wife is in critical care. Millions more deaths to come if this administration continues on its present course.  nbcnews.com
Flatter Me, a battle card game in which players "compete" to gather the most compliments. A perfect game for the times.  kickstarter.com
"For women who are experiencing domestic violence, mandatory lockdowns to curb the spread of COVID-19 have trapped them in their homes with their abusers."  time.com
Hey, here's a concrete thing you can do to help your community in the US right now: fill out the US Census form online.  2020census.gov
According to an IOC member, the 2020 Tokyo Olympics will be postponed due to the pandemic, "likely to 2021"  usatoday.com
Health experts who have fought pandemics lay out how COVID-19 could be stopped in the US. "Americans must be persuaded to stay home, they said, and a system put in place to isolate the infected and care for them outside the home."  nytimes.com
An attempt at a realtime map of people who have fevers in the US, using data from internet-connected thermometers. These are weird maps. The band of higher temps across the mid part of the country is telling us what exactly?  healthweather.us
I know it seems like a good idea to get all kinds of things delivered while you're in quarantine, but you're offloading your risk onto others in doing so. Please stay mindful of that and order only what you absolutely *need*.  nytimes.com
A loss of the sense of smell & taste, even in the absence of other symptoms, may be an indicator of COVID-19 infection.  nytimes.com
Having your kids out of school (where the structure is more due to crowd control than the best way to learn) is an opportunity "to engage in deep, authentic learning instead".  twitter.com
Great interactive piece from the NY Times about how the virus got out of Wuhan and China to the rest of the world. "About 7 million people left [Wuhan] in January, before travel was restricted."  nytimes.com
Walruses can whistle!  twitter.com
Audible is offering free books for kids while schools are closed. Titles include Winnie the Pooh, Anne of Green Gables, The Jungle Book, and Brave New World.  stories.audible.com
US box office drops 97% year-on-year on Wednesday to reach historic low. 97%.  theguardian.com
The first lines of classic novels rewritten for social distancing. "It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be hoarding toilet paper."  lithub.com
Just sent out the latest issue of the @kottke newsletter. I made a few formatting tweaks…more to come.  mailchi.mp
A simple symptoms checker for COVID-19  c19check.com
Ed Yong, one of the best science writers out there, has constructed "a rough preliminary portrait of SARS-CoV-2": where it came from, what makes it unusual, what it does inside a person, etc.  theatlantic.com
Steven Heller is right – this is an awful magazine cover by New York magazine. The wrong tone at the wrong time. Ad/marketing/media folks need to rethink these "attention at all costs" strategies.  printmag.com
"Despite beginning this venture with the highest aspirations, we are announcing the closure of our beloved homeschool after less than 24 hours."  mcsweeneys.net
From Lynn Ungar, a poem called Pandemic. "What if you thought of it / as the Jews consider the Sabbath– / the most sacred of times?"  lynnungar.com
From Opentable, a look at how quickly the worldwide restaurant industry shut down due to COVID-19. Like Hemingway said, "gradually, then suddenly".  opentable.com
Data from Foursquare shows how visits to restaurants, airports, and offices declined and visits to warehouse stores & fast food stores rose as the COVID-19 crisis intensified last week.  enterprise.foursquare.com
Google Arts & Culture offers virtual tours of collection highlights from dozens of world class museums (MoMA, Rijksmuseum, Getty, Tate, Museo Frida Kahlo, Pergamonmuseum, etc.)  artsandculture.google.com
We might have to make do with virtual travel for awhile. You can check out 30 UNESCO World Heritage Sites (Taj Mahal, Dolomites, Stonehenge) using Google Earth.  earth.google.com
Recent research shows how long SARS-CoV-2 lasts on surfaces: "detectable in aerosols for up to three hours, up to four hours on copper, up to 24 hours on cardboard and up to two to three days on plastic and stainless steel".  nih.gov
Volunteers are 3D printing $1 replacement valves for machines used in life-saving COVID-19 treatments. The company that normally makes the valve sells them for $11,000.  theverge.com
Ten Considerations Before You Create Another Chart About COVID-19. "Visualizations are powerful for communicating information, but can also mislead, misinform, and – in the worst cases – incite panic." (via @spavis)  medium.com
Some online college classes during quarantine are going to be more entertaining than others...  twitter.com
Some potentially positive COVID-19 news: this preprint paper suggests that SARS-CoV-2 infection confers immunity. "Our results indicated that the primary SARS-CoV-2 infection could protect from subsequent exposures."  biorxiv.org
QuarantineChat: free service that connects random people from around the world for phone chats. "Get calls at random times and get paired with another person in a one-on-one." It's Chatroulette for phone calls.  quarantinechat.com
"Our analyses clearly show that SARS-CoV-2 is not a laboratory construct or a purposefully manipulated virus." It's really great that scientists who could be working on something urgent need to spend time debunking conservative conspiracy theories.  nature.com
If you’ve been unable to post @kottke articles to Facebook (about COVID-19 & other things), they had a bug in a content removal algorithm that they say has now been fixed  buzzfeednews.com
Kevin Durant has tested positive for COVID-19  si.com
In dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, America Is Acting Like a Failed State.  theatlantic.com
Gothamist is reporting that supply and staff shortages are starting to hit NYC hospitals  gothamist.com
The Coronavirus Calls for Wartime Economic Thinking. "This is not a normal economic event in any way, shape, or form. You have to be willing to think what previously would have been unthinkable."  newyorker.com
The perfect self-quarantine meal is @kenjilopezalt’s 3-ingredient mac & cheese. It’s as easy to make as the box kind and way more tasty. Uses shelf-stable & freezable ingredients too.  seriouseats.com
Instructions for making your own toilet paper at home (out of old newspapers, grass, and baby oil) since it seems to be sold out in stores.  ehow.com
The airlines may want a federal bailout, but after making billions of dollars over the past decade, perhaps they do not deserve it. "Before providing them any assistance, we must demand that they change how they treat their customers and employees."  nytimes.com
Archaeologists in Russia have unearthed a huge 25,000-year-old circular structure built from the bones of at least 60 woolly mammoths.  smithsonianmag.com
Idris Elba tests positive for COVID-19  twitter.com
Canada just announced it has closed its borders to anyone who isn't a citizen or permanent resident. US citizens are exempt (for now).  cbc.ca
The 2020 XOXO festival has been cancelled.  xoxofest.com
Working and Learning from Home with Young Children, good advice on how to work from home and homeschool at the same time from Erin Kissane. "Don’t be Captain Homeschool on day one."  incisive.nu
Excellent thread about how to convince parents, relatives, and friends that the COVID-19 pandemic should be taken very seriously (esp for more vulnerable ppl)  twitter.com
What good government social safety nets look like: Scandinavian countries are guaranteeing income for laid-off & self-employed workers, sick pay, paying COVID-19 caregivers, etc.  twitter.com
Interactive chart where you can toggle between "weak quarantine like Italy" and "strong quarantine like South Korea" for your locale. If Massachusetts acts like Italy, there will be "widespread ventilator shortages" by Mar 25.  observablehq.com
"Louis Vuitton owner LVMH will use its perfume production lines to start making hand sanitiser to protect people against the coronavirus outbreak."  bbc.com
The German Health Ministry confirms that the Trump administration was trying to persuade a German company working on a COVID-19 vaccine to make it "only for the United States".  reuters.com
US providers like Comcast and AT&T are offering free public WiFi for the next 60 days (along with a slew of other ways to keep Americans online during the crisis)  engadget.com
NYC schools are closing tomorrow to help slow spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. They will remain closed through at least April 20.  apnews.com
A simple COVID-19 simulator. You can really see how early efforts (like social distancing) can result in huge changes in infections & deaths down the road. Like tens of millions vs thousands.  desmos.com
This is an excellent simulation of how COVID-19 could play out under 4 different scenarios: a) do nothing, b) attempted quarantine, c) moderate social distancing, d) extreme social distancing. The differences are stark!  washingtonpost.com
Google Doc of a giant list of ideas for being home with the kids (for "actual quarantine, school closures, weekend social distancing" etc.)  docs.google.com
The number of obituaries listed in the local newspaper in Bergamo, Italy has skyrocketed. Feb 9: 1.5 pages. Mar 13: 10 pages.  twitter.com
After cancelling live performances due to COVID-19, NYC's Metropolitan Opera will be live-streaming opera performances on their site for free. Verdi, Puccini, and Tchaikovsky for starters.  metopera.org
Speculation by an infectious disease expert that the number of COVID-19 cases has been quietly growing in the US for weeks and is currently in the 10-40,000 range.  twitter.com
These guys are assholes, full stop. Cleaning out stores of necessary supplies before the onset of a pandemic is profiteering from human death & suffering and is morally repugnant.  nytimes.com
Photo essay of the grocery items that no one is panic buying for coronavirus self-quarantine: vegan food, Dasani water, pork, etc.  slate.com
Floodlines, a new podcast from The Atlantic about Hurricane Katrina. Now you can learn about a disaster & relief effort botched by a Republican administration while living through a disaster & relief effort botched by a Republican administration.  theatlantic.com
This is a clever idea: Quarantine Book Club. Video chats with authors on Zoom, tickets are $5 a pop.  quarantinebookclub.com
Epidemiologist and former FDA commissioner Dr. David Kessler on what the US government should do to fix the COVID-19 testing mess, e.g. "set up mobile specimen collection units throughout the country, staffed with medics".  nytimes.com
Apple has cancelled the in-person portion of WWDC (their massive annual developer conference) and is replacing it with a fully online experience.  developer.apple.com
Great interview with Portrait of a Lady on Fire director Céline Sciamma. I saw this earlier in the week and *loved* it.  vox.com
The #1 bestselling board game on Amazon right now is Pandemic, a cooperative game "in which players work as a team to treat infections around the world while gathering resources for cures"  amazon.com
From my immunocompromised friend Jodi (@legalnomads): "I'm In The Vulnerable Class for COVID-19. A Plea To Take This Virus Seriously."  legalnomads.com
This week's newsletter is all about how we should be taking the COVID-19 pandemic seriously  mailchi.mp
How Delays in Testing Set Back the U.S. Coronavirus Response. "A series of missed chances by the federal government to ensure more widespread testing came during the early days of the outbreak, when containment would have been easier."  nytimes.com
A Newbie's Guide to Formula 1, "a quick intro to help you get into the sport and start knowing what to pay attention to".  notion.so
Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson have tested positive for COVID-19. Pls pls don’t let anything happen to the one of the only genuinely nice guys in Hollywood...  twitter.com
The NBA has suspended its season after a Utah Jazz player tested positive for coronavirus.  nytimes.com
Harvey Weinstein sentenced to 23 years in prison  nytimes.com
The US Treasury is considering a delay in tax payments beyond the April 15th deadline due to possible economic disruption from COVID-19.  nytimes.com
Tutorials from Stanford Online High School about how to create an online classroom. "We want to emphasize that you don't need to 'reinvent the wheel' for online teaching." via @openculture  ohs.stanford.edu
I am surprised to learn that Ben Affleck speaks pretty good Spanish  youtube.com
I loved this episode of Reply All about a guy who remembers a 90s pop song that no one else does (not even the internet or Rolling Stone critics).  gimletmedia.com
You might find this online Zamboni game soothing today. You steer the Zamboni to clear the ice. That's it. (Unless you leave the ice. In which case, it's a metaphor for *gestures at everything*.)  joemckaystudio.com
I have been thinking a lot about this article w/r/t the White House's response to COVID-19: "Seniors Are More Conservative Because the Poor Don't Survive to Become Seniors"  nymag.com
The History of the URL  blog.cloudflare.com
New music: Philip Glass's score for King Lear  open.spotify.com
The 2020 installment of The Morning News' legendary Tournament of Books starts today  themorningnews.org
Some guidelines on how journalists and newsrooms can cover COVID-19 more responsibly. "The public is starting to freak out. Don't add to it with screaming clickbait headlines and scary generic images."  poynter.org
An interview with a man who held a plank for more than 8 hours. "When it was over, Mr. Hood did not sink onto his belly...he eased back into the yoga position called child's pose."  nytimes.com
Atlas Obscura recently added their own unusual place to their directory: a tiny plot of land honoring their outgoing CEO David Plotz, "a place to leave behind a piece of your former self" for those in transition.  atlasobscura.com
Recreating the house from Parasite in The Sims  youtube.com
The Library of Congress has acquired the archive of photographer Shawn Walker, who has documented life in Harlem since 1963.  loc.gov
The Disposables – the Washington Post sent disposable cameras to 25 women around the country and here's what they captured. "This transported me to a time before instant gratification."  washingtonpost.com
This winter was the hottest ever on record for Europe. The average temps for Dec, Jan, & Feb were *1.4C above* the previous record. I mean!!!!!  theguardian.com
"When everything is 'curated,' what does the word even mean?"  nytimes.com
Taika Waititi will direct two animated series for Netflix: one based on characters from Roald Dahl's Charlie & The Chocolate Factory and the other "a wholly original take on the Oompa-Loompas".  deadline.com
Women who work in the adult film industry, photographed with their children. Each photo is accompanied by a short profile. "How do they balance motherhood with their work?"  bjp-online.com
This might be the goofiest thing you'll see all day: a tongue-singing choir  youtube.com
iRobot's 14 failed business models and the lessons the company learned from those failures  spectrum.ieee.org
Classic children's books, from Roald Dahl to Little House on the Prairie, are sometimes sexist and racist. Acknowledging that to your kids while reading them can be a learning experience.  theweek.com
This is beautiful: how to organize a messy box full of nails  imgur.com
Sliced mayonnaise? Sliced mayonnaise!  foodandwine.com
A comic for kids explaining what COVID-19 is and what can be done to prevent people from getting it  npr.org
Optical illusion: these boxes aren't actually rotating  twitter.com
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