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Meat Loaf Was My Softball Coach. "To the scrappy group of girls he was trying to mold into softball players, he was Coach Meat."  deadspin.com
Results of a new study suggest that CBD can treat and slow the transmission of Covid-19. "Our results suggest that CBD can block SARS-CoV-2 infection at early and even later stages of infection."  vice.com
Brian Eno on crypto & NFTs: "right now I mainly see hustlers looking for suckers" and "now artists can become little capitalist assholes as well".  the-crypto-syllabus.com · via @openculture
"There Will Be Another Variant. Here's What the World Can Do Now." But the world probably won't do anything so basically what you're saying is...there's going to be another variant.  nytimes.com
Actress Jessica Chastain: "I'm the first person in my family to not be pregnant when I was 17. [Having access to birth control pills at Planned Parenthood] had a great impact on my life because it gave me choice."  huffpost.com
On the benefits of deliberate ignorance. "It's a way to maintain our beliefs about ourselves and others, it can be a mechanism for fairness or to remove bias, or a way to avoid overwhelm when bombarded with information."  vice.com
Cat Power's newest album features covers of songs by Iggy Pop, Frank Ocean, Lana Del Rey, and Nick Cave.  open.spotify.com
Thread on the Omicron wave in the US. "Having ~40% of the population infected by a single pathogen in the span of 8 weeks is remarkable and I can't think of an obvious modern precedent."  twitter.com
Substack is providing a safe home for anti-vaxxers, conspiracy theorists, white nationalists, and QAnon influencers to spread their misinformation.  isdglobal.org · via @waxy
The five levels of hype. Marketing claims > exaggerated claims > utopian futures > magical thinking > othering ("The technology has become a group identity for its boosters.")  johannesklingebiel.de
Play a 9-hole course of mini-golf where each hole is shaped like a gerrymandered voting district. The 8th hole, of comically shaped 4th district in Illinois, is a par 12. (Hole 9 is a par 26 in Maryland.)  washingtonpost.com
Being Bad at Wordle Doesn't Mean You're Dumb. "Simply put, intuiting the perfect word to fit in a sentence requires different knowledge of a language from thinking of a five-letter word starting with A and E as its fourth letter."  lx.com
Fashion editor André Leon Talley has died at the age of 73.  nytimes.com
The Wirecutter recommends the best pandemic partner for most people. "Licensed carpenters have abilities that are transferrable to home and leisure pursuits, e.g., slicing summer squash and Thai eggplants on a mandoline without cutting off fingertips..."  newyorker.com
Fun thread about a castle that some jackass built in Connecticut. "Suits of armor watching you eat!"  twitter.com
The site is live a day ahead of schedule: "Every home in the U.S. is eligible to order 4 free at-home COVID-19 tests. The tests are completely free." (This is only working for some people. Site should be live for everyone tomorrow.)  covidtests.gov
My least favorite thing about chocolate chip cookies is the chocolate chips, so this recipe speaks to me: "1. Follow literally any chocolate chip cookie recipe. 2. Omit the step where you add the chocolate chips."  jonnysun.bulletin.com
"Every home in the U.S. can soon order 4 free at-home COVID-19 tests." No shipping costs, ordering begins Jan 19.  covidtests.gov
A list of the best data visualization lists of 2021. Lots of fantastic work in here.  maartenlambrechts.com
A collection of scenes from movies with inaccurate binocular shots (seeing two circles instead of one merged circle).  binocularshot.tumblr.com
bell hooks reviews Beyoncé's Lemonade (2016). "Images of female violence undercut a central message embedded in Lemonade that violence in all its forms, especially the violence of lies and betrayal, hurts."  theguardian.com
In a recent experiment by a Turkish farmer, outfitting cows with VR goggles that simulate being in a pasture upped milk production by 2 gallons per cow per day.  interestingengineering.com
For the first time in history in 2020, the weight of things produced by humans (concrete, metals, plastic) was greater than the weight of the global living biomass.  visualcapitalist.com
The Physics of Wile E. Coyote's 10 Billion-Volt Electromagnet. I am here for any vigorous fact-checking of cartoon physics.  wired.com
A list of lesser-known attachment styles, e.g. caffeine attachment, dance-battle attachment, and psychoanalyzing attachment ("you read that one book about attachment styles and now can't stop psychoanalyzing everything and everyone").  newyorker.com
"Maybe crypto is only for people who like playing with money, its mechanics and rules. That's not all there is to the software or to the web. And that's not for me."  seldo.com
Forget Wordle, Letterle is the new hotness.  edjefferson.com
For the first time, water has been detected directly on the surface of the Moon, by the Chang'e 5 lunar lander.  phys.org
Movies whose opening titles don't finish until well into the movie (The Fugitive: 15 min, No Time to Die: 27 min, Drive My Car: 42 min, The Departed: 20 min).  twitter.com
Let's Settle This. "Internet debates have raged for too long. It's time to settle the big questions so we can move on." Marvel or DC? Is a hot dog a sandwich? Could Jack have fit on the door in Titanic?  neal.fun
An important point related to the transition between epidemic and endemic Covid: if society is still experiencing significant disruptions, we're still in the epidemic phase.  twitter.com
The Insurrection Index is a database of "individuals and organizations in positions of public trust who were involved in the deadly attack on the Capitol" on Jan 6, including elected officials, law enforcement, etc.  insurrectionindex.org
Wes Anderson will adapt Roald Dahl's short story collection The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar and Six More for Netflix (the company bought Dahl's entire catalog last year).  hollywoodreporter.com
An interesting collection of threads from web gem Ask MetaFilter, compiled by Phil Gyford (also a web gem), e.g. "Easy reads with literary flourishes", "Ikea, but like, the *good* Ikea", and "Nurses! What’s on your feet?"  gyford.com
Interesting thoughts from an indigenous person about The Book of Boba Fett and its portrayal of the Tuskens.  twitter.com
From I Love Typography, the Year in Type for 2021.  ilovetypography.com
Novelist Emma Straub loved working in her neighborhood bookstore and it eventually inspired her to open her own. This is a lovely piece about books, bookstores, neighborhoods, and book lovers.  lithub.com · via @TheMorningNews
Rick Rubin: The Invisibility of Hip Hop's Greatest Producer. "It's still difficult to explain the legacy of a man who doesn't appear to do much while doing everything at the same time."  youtube.com · via @openculture
A Note of Reassurance from Your School District Regarding Our Updated Omicron Policies. 1. "Your child's classroom will have no teachers." 2. "Your child should report to school no matter what."  mcsweeneys.net
Afghanistan Has Become the World's Largest Humanitarian Crisis. Four months after the Taliban resumed control of the country, "more than twenty million Afghans are on the brink of famine".  newyorker.com
With their Housing First policy, Finland is making great progress in reducing their unhoused population by giving everyone a home, unconditionally. "A home should be the secure foundation that makes it easier to solve your problems."  theguardian.com
A visualization of mass shootings in the US since 2014. More than once a day on average, there's a shooting in which four people are injured or killed by guns.  theguardian.com · via @TheMorningNews
Margaret Sullivan: news organizations need to make "democracy-under-siege a central focus of the work they present to the public".  washingtonpost.com
Jimmy Carter: I Fear for Our Democracy. "Without immediate action, we are at genuine risk of civil conflict and losing our precious democracy."  nytimes.com
Every James Bond Movie, Ranked.  vulture.com
A list of everything Steven Soderbergh read or saw in 2021.  extension765.com
In a small 5-year study of basic income in Hudson, NY, "employment among the participants went from 29% to 63%" and they reported better health and personal relationships with others.  fastcompany.com
"This is a short story about what happened to the U.S. economy since the end of World War II." How debt, inequality, and expectations got us to where we are now.  collaborativefund.com
From the Morning News, a number of journalists, writers, and thinkers weigh in on the most and least important things that happened in 2021.  themorningnews.org
On the "large grey area between an Offensive Stereotype and 'thing that can be misconstrued as a stereotype if one uses a particularly reductive lens of interpretation that the text itself is not endorsing'".  rnorningstars.tumblr.com
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