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"If you take basic precautions, including washing your hands frequently, the danger from accepting a package from a delivery driver or from takeout from a local restaurant or from buying groceries is [small and manageable]."  washingtonpost.com
From Apple, CDC, and FEMA, an app and website that offers up-to-date information & guidance on COVID-19.  apple.com
The Four Possible Timelines for Life Returning to Normal. "Come summer, Americans might get restaurants but no music festivals, offices but no crowded beaches, bars with spaced-out seating."  theatlantic.com
"The Board Game Remix Kit is a collection of games that you can play using the boards and pieces from games you might already own: Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly, Clue and Scrabble." Now available for free download.  bgrk.itch.io
YES! THIS! "A huge research literature shows disaster makes people *more* pro-social. They cooperate. They support each other. They're better than ever."  twitter.com
UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has COVID-19  twitter.com
A ranking of Radiohead's 40 greatest songs. "'I want you to notice when I'm not around,' Yorke broods, a perfect lyric he probably hates."  theguardian.com
Six Feet of Separation, an online youth newspaper started by a group of quarantined kids in San Francisco. The contributors ages range from 2 to 19.  flipsnack.com
Portrait of a Lady on Fire premieres on Hulu tomorrow. VOD in April. One of the best new movies I've seen in the past year.  twitter.com
Bread baking is on the rise (*ahem*) during the pandemic. Yeast and flour are in high demand (my local store has been sold out of yeast for at least a week and a half).  eater.com
Epidemiologists have been puzzled at how Japan has kept COVID-19 at bay even though folks there are mostly going about their normal lives. Now their luck may be running out.  nytimes.com
"An emerging consensus points to aggressive tracing of contacts of sick people, much broader testing, targeted quarantines, and new online tracking technology as strategies that would facilitate the easing of social distancing measures."  statnews.com
Mailchimp will be showing more than 70 short films that were supposed to show at the cancelled SXSW Film Festival  mailchimp.com
Singapore will open source the code for TraceTogether, a contact tracing app for use during the pandemic. "The TraceTogether app can identify people who have been within 2m of coronavirus patients for at least 30 minutes."  straitstimes.com
Chef Floyd Cardoz (of NYC's Tabla) has died from complications related to COVID-19  ny.eater.com
Media Matters: "Fox News' coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic: medically inaccurate, malevolently racist, motivated by politics"  mediamatters.org
A prescient article from 2018: The Next Pandemic Will Be Arriving Shortly. "As a result, in 2018, it is impossible to reconcile the redirection of funds away from preparing for pandemics with these realities on the ground."  foreignpolicy.com
Nine Extremely Long, Extremely Good Movies (to watch on streaming). The Right Stuff, Hoop Dreams, Barry Lyndon, etc.  theringer.com
The latest issue of the @kottke newsletter just went out. I’m feeling a little fragile today – I hope that intro isn’t too rough.  mailchi.mp
Working with Italian doctors, engineers have developed a 3D printed adapter to turn a snorkeling mask into an emergency non-invasive ventilator for COVID-19 patients. The template is available for free.  3dprintingmedia.network
An Arizona couple tried to self-medicate after watching Trump suggest an untested treatment on TV. The husband died, the wife is in critical care. Millions more deaths to come if this administration continues on its present course.  nbcnews.com
Flatter Me, a battle card game in which players "compete" to gather the most compliments. A perfect game for the times.  kickstarter.com
"For women who are experiencing domestic violence, mandatory lockdowns to curb the spread of COVID-19 have trapped them in their homes with their abusers."  time.com
Hey, here's a concrete thing you can do to help your community in the US right now: fill out the US Census form online.  2020census.gov
According to an IOC member, the 2020 Tokyo Olympics will be postponed due to the pandemic, "likely to 2021"  usatoday.com
Health experts who have fought pandemics lay out how COVID-19 could be stopped in the US. "Americans must be persuaded to stay home, they said, and a system put in place to isolate the infected and care for them outside the home."  nytimes.com
An attempt at a realtime map of people who have fevers in the US, using data from internet-connected thermometers. These are weird maps. The band of higher temps across the mid part of the country is telling us what exactly?  healthweather.us
I know it seems like a good idea to get all kinds of things delivered while you're in quarantine, but you're offloading your risk onto others in doing so. Please stay mindful of that and order only what you absolutely *need*.  nytimes.com
A loss of the sense of smell & taste, even in the absence of other symptoms, may be an indicator of COVID-19 infection.  nytimes.com
Having your kids out of school (where the structure is more due to crowd control than the best way to learn) is an opportunity "to engage in deep, authentic learning instead".  twitter.com
Great interactive piece from the NY Times about how the virus got out of Wuhan and China to the rest of the world. "About 7 million people left [Wuhan] in January, before travel was restricted."  nytimes.com
Walruses can whistle!  twitter.com
Audible is offering free books for kids while schools are closed. Titles include Winnie the Pooh, Anne of Green Gables, The Jungle Book, and Brave New World.  stories.audible.com
US box office drops 97% year-on-year on Wednesday to reach historic low. 97%.  theguardian.com
The first lines of classic novels rewritten for social distancing. "It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be hoarding toilet paper."  lithub.com
Just sent out the latest issue of the @kottke newsletter. I made a few formatting tweaks…more to come.  mailchi.mp
A simple symptoms checker for COVID-19  c19check.com
Ed Yong, one of the best science writers out there, has constructed "a rough preliminary portrait of SARS-CoV-2": where it came from, what makes it unusual, what it does inside a person, etc.  theatlantic.com
Steven Heller is right – this is an awful magazine cover by New York magazine. The wrong tone at the wrong time. Ad/marketing/media folks need to rethink these "attention at all costs" strategies.  printmag.com
"Despite beginning this venture with the highest aspirations, we are announcing the closure of our beloved homeschool after less than 24 hours."  mcsweeneys.net
From Lynn Ungar, a poem called Pandemic. "What if you thought of it / as the Jews consider the Sabbath– / the most sacred of times?"  lynnungar.com
From Opentable, a look at how quickly the worldwide restaurant industry shut down due to COVID-19. Like Hemingway said, "gradually, then suddenly".  opentable.com
Data from Foursquare shows how visits to restaurants, airports, and offices declined and visits to warehouse stores & fast food stores rose as the COVID-19 crisis intensified last week.  enterprise.foursquare.com
Google Arts & Culture offers virtual tours of collection highlights from dozens of world class museums (MoMA, Rijksmuseum, Getty, Tate, Museo Frida Kahlo, Pergamonmuseum, etc.)  artsandculture.google.com
We might have to make do with virtual travel for awhile. You can check out 30 UNESCO World Heritage Sites (Taj Mahal, Dolomites, Stonehenge) using Google Earth.  earth.google.com
Recent research shows how long SARS-CoV-2 lasts on surfaces: "detectable in aerosols for up to three hours, up to four hours on copper, up to 24 hours on cardboard and up to two to three days on plastic and stainless steel".  nih.gov
Volunteers are 3D printing $1 replacement valves for machines used in life-saving COVID-19 treatments. The company that normally makes the valve sells them for $11,000.  theverge.com
Ten Considerations Before You Create Another Chart About COVID-19. "Visualizations are powerful for communicating information, but can also mislead, misinform, and – in the worst cases – incite panic." (via @spavis)  medium.com
Some online college classes during quarantine are going to be more entertaining than others...  twitter.com
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