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A special thanks to Rex Sorgatz for letting us use his idea. Be sure to check out his list of "best of" 2009 lists.

The Noughtie List: the 2000s in Review

Hi folks, I'm Jenni Leder and I'll be heading up The Noughtie List. It's basically a list of all the "best ofs" from the 2000s. It's a work in progress so I would love to get your input on what should go on the list. I'll also be doing a weekly post highlighting the best of the "best ofs" that are on the list, as well as keep you all updated on any new developments.

The list currently includes 377 items; new additions are marked with a **.


Best Agencies   Advertising Age  

Best Ideas   Advertising Age  

Best Non-TV Campaigns   Advertising Age  

Best TV Spots   Advertising Age  

Best Of Advertising   AdWeek  


Lost In The Aughts [video]   Curbed Los Angeles  

Best Of Architecture   Washington Post  

The Best New Buildings Of NY   Curbed  


Review: Adrian Searle On Visual Art   The Guardian  

Best Of The Sewing Industry   Sew Mama Sew  

A Portrait Of The Noughties   BBC  

10 Of The Most Significant Visual Artists   CBC  


Living In The Memory: A Celebration Of The Great Writers Who Died   The Guardian  

Best Fiction (So Far): An Introduction   The Millions  

Best Fiction Books: Pros Versus Readers   The Millions  

When Lit Blew Into Bits   NY Magazine  

Most Collectible Books   AbeBooks  

Best Atheism Books   Common Sense Atheism  

Top 20 Books   The Daily Iowan  

20 Best Science Fiction Books   io9  

The Best Music Books   True Slant  

10 Best Science Fiction And Fantasy Novels   Techland  

25 Important Books   HTMLGIANT  

Best Of Online Book Lists   Largehearted Boy  

Best Books Of The Decade   Good Reads  

10 Best Short-Story Collections   A.V. Club  

100 Best Books   TimesOnline UK  

Best Books   A.V. Club  

Best of, Pros Versus Readers   The Millions  

Top Ten of Covers   Book Cover Archive  


Person Of The Decade   Smart Money  

The Decade Of Steve   CNN  

The Google Decade Ends   The Big Money  

For Savers, It Was Hardly A Lost Decade   NY Times  

Star Stocks   The Globe And Mail  

Corporate Scoundrels And Scandals   NPR  

10 Ways Freelancing Has Changed   Freelance Folder  

The Big Zero    NY Times  

The Decade In Markets   Financial Times  

Top Stocks   Time  

Top Brands   Fritinancy  

Most Intriguing Deals   Advertising Age  

Newly Minted Tycoons   Newsweek  


The End Of The 00's   The Awl  


The Stylus Decade   Stylus Magazine  

The Shoddy Aughties: Best Of Worst Lists   Engine Industries  

Best Of   Techland  

Best Of The Decade In News   Washington Post  

Book Of Tens   Advertising Age  

"Best Of" Lists   Fast Company  

The Top 10 Everything   Time  

Best Of   A.V. Club  

The 00's Issue   NY Magazine  

The 2000s: The Decade In Pop Culture   CBC  

Best Of   Entertainment Weekly  

The Decade in Rewind   Newsweek  

Cinema Blend Relives The Aughts   Cinema Blend  

Review   The Guardian  

Best Of The 2000s   Complex.com  

Best Of The Decade: Issue 58 Nov 09   Paste Magazine  

Comic Books

Top 10 Graphic Novels   The Halifax Reader  

Worst Decade Ever?   Dustinland  

Most Important Events, Comic Style   io9  

Top 10 Superhero Deaths   Techland  

10 Best Science Fiction Comics   io9  

10 Best Comics   Techland  

Best Comics   A.V. Club  


The First 3,650 Days   Esquire  

The Recession Generation   Newsweek  

Hello, 2010. Goodbye, Decade of Cringe   Christian Science Monitor  

The Decade We Had   NY Times  

The 'Downhill Decade'   Christian Science Monitor  

Revisiting the New York Times' 2001 “Year In Ideas”   Mediaite  

The Top 10 Things That Defined ‘The Noughties', By Category   David Galbraith  

What Do You Call It?   The New Yorker  

Noted, Without Noteworthiness   The Awl  

A Decade That Left A Mark On U.S. History   USA Today  

The Noughties: A Fond(ish) Farewell   The Daily Telegraph  

Decade In Review   The Daily Show  

The Encyclopedia Of Counterintuitive Thought   NY Magazine  

Moment Of The Decade   News Digital Media  

Worst Predictions   Newsweek  

A Decade So Bad, It Didn't Even Have a Name And No One Even Knows It's Ending   Daily Miltonian  

Mister Narrative Of The Decade -- One Man's View   Momus  

The Great Reset [video]   Futures Group  

The Rise of the Rest [video]   Futures Group  

The 10 Worst Things About The Worst Decade Ever   Time  

The Decade In 7 Minutes. [video]   Newsweek  


The Most Relevant Identity Work   Brand New  

14 Biggest Design Moments   Fast Company  

The Decade In Design   Good  

Several Designers' Own Take On The 00's Cover   NY Magazine  

The Decade Of Dirty Design   AIGA  

Masters Of Design   Fast Company  


Best Beauty Products   Beauty And Fashion Tech  

Best Of Fashion   Cape Cod Online  

Naughtie Behavior: Hair   NY Times Magazine  

Women Who Rocked The Post-Millennial Industry   Jezebel  

What Would The '00s Have Been Without The Olsens?   Style  

35 Short-Lived Trends   NY Magazine  

Review Of Fashion   The Guardian  

2000-2009 In Fashion   Wikipedia  

Top 100 Sneakers   complex.com  


The Nation: The Decade For Women   NPR  

Most Memorable Feminist Moments   Double X  


Wine Tales   Napa Valley Register  

The Decade in Food   Good  

Best Cookbooks   Eat Me Daily  

10 Worst Dining Trends   Chicago Tribune  


Best Decades of the Decade   By Gone Bureau  

The Decade In One Page   Eugene Linden  

U.S. Timeline 2000's   America's Best History  


A Portrait Of The Decade   BBC  

The Decade Definer   Vanity Fair  

Picturing The Past   NY Times  


How the Internet Changed Writing   Gigaom  

History Of Online Video   Dembot  

10 Most Dastardly Cybercrimes   Wired  

30 Funniest Political Videos   Political Humor  

Internet Memes   Newsweek  

Most Virulent Videos   The Daily Beast  

Top 10 Internet Memes   Heavy  

Top 10 Internet Moments   CNN  

Ten Most Influential Internet Moments   Webby Awards  

Worst Internet Disasters   Pingdom  

Most Important Websites   Advertising Age  

The Top 10 Internet Moments   ABC News  


An A-Z Of Sex In The Noughties   Dr. Petra  

Michael Musto's Year (and Decade) In Review!   Villiage Voice  

A Decade In Spoilers   NY Times  

Deaths Of The Decade   NY Daily News  

Digital Ramble: All For Naughts   NY Times Magazine  

Shocking Celebrity Deaths   Associated Content  

Young Stars Who Died   Now Public  

The Decade In Culture   Good  

Best New Character Of The Decade   io9  

5 Life Lessons Learned From The Ladies Of Teen Films   Jezebel  

Most Influential Person   Washington Post  

The People Who Ruined The Decade   The Guardian  

Top 10 Science Fiction Disappointments   io9  

That's So Aughties!   Vanity Fair  

Notable Deaths   NBC Chicago  

The Biggest Disappointments   Nerve  

The Decade According To 9-Year-Olds [video]   Allie Garcia  

10 Pop Culture Trends   CBC  

A Retrospective: 28 Media Leaders Who Died This Decade   Mediaite  

Best 15 Entertainers   Entertainment Weekly  

Popular Baby Names   Social Security Administration  

You Aught To Remember [weblog]   You Aught To Remember  

The Evolution Of The Hipster   Paste Magazine  

The I-Decade   INTELLIGENT LIFE Magazine  

The I-Decade Part 2: Defining The Noughties   INTELLIGENT LIFE Magazine  

Top 100 Defining Cultural Moments    The Daily Telegraph  


Covering the Decade: 10 Years In 2 Minutes [video]   American Society Of Magazine Editors  

Best Magazine Covers   Advertising Age  

20 Best Magazines   Paste Magazine  


Memories of the Turn of the Century in Film: Part 1   The Fine Cut  **

Memories of the Turn of the Century in Film: Part 2   The Fine Cut  **

Roger Ebert's Journal: Best Films   Chicago Sun-Times  

An American Film Geek's Best Of   Twitch  

Breakthroughs   Cinematical  

Top 10 Conservative Movies   The Daily Telegraph  

Critics Survey: Best Films   IndieWire  

Naughtie Behavior: Film Style   NY Times Magazine  

The 40 Biggest Stinkers   Inside Movies  

20 Best Films   Reverse Shot  

20 Most Memorable Trailers   Monsters & Critics  

Best Films   The New Yorker  

Roeper's Best Films   Chicago Sun-Times  

Ten Best Movies   Christian Science Monitor  

Top 10 Overrated Movies   Big Hollywood  

Top 10 Science Fiction Movies   BSC Review  

Top 20 Films   Collider  

Top 25 Films   Dallas Morning News  

Top 25 Mostly Americanish Movies   The L Magazine  

Watch Out Avatar: These Movies Have Stood The Test Of Time   Culture Map  

End-Of-Decade Clip Party   The L Magazine  

Top Directors   Salon  

Top 25 Movies   Slashdot  

Twenty-Five Essential Films   Ferdy On Film  

If '00 Movies Were Made In Other Decades   College Humor  

Twenty Best Films   True Slant  

Best Films   Salon  

Best Holiday Movies   AMC  

Shaggy Dog Movies   GreenCine  

Ten Worst Horror Movies   AMC  

Ten Worst SciFi Blockbusters   AMC  

The Best (And Worst) Movies    Metacritic  

The Naughts Project   IFC  

Winners and Losers of SciFi Movies   AMC  

10 Best Comedies   Pajiba  

10 Best Comic Book Movies   Pajiba  

10 Best Horror Movies   Pajiba  

10 Best Kids Movies   Pajiba  

10 Best Love Stories   Pajiba  

10 Best Sci-Fi Films   Pajiba  

10 Most Culturally Poisonous Film   Pajiba  

Best Action Flicks   Pajiba  

Best Films   Pajiba  

Best Foreign Films   Cinematical  

Best Indie Films   Pajiba  

Best Of Movies Lists   Slate  

Directors Of The Decade   Salon  

Top 10 Foreign Films   Pajiba  

Top 25 Horror Films   Bloody Good Horror  

Top 10 Worst Superhero Movies   Techland  

Best Of: Filmmakers   The Auteurs  

Best Of: Films   The Auteurs  

Best Of: Images From Films   The Auteurs  

Best Of: Movie Posters   The Auteurs  

Top 10 Biggest Movies   Buzzfeed  

Top 25 Horror Films   Shock Till You Drop  

Best Films Of The Decade: The Front Row   The New Yorker  

Best Films Of The Decade? Bah! Humbug!   Tom Shone  

The 35 Worst Straight-to-DVD Sequels   BuzzFeed  

You Missed It: Most Unfairly Overlooked Movies   Cinema Blend  

1,000 Best Films   Scaruffi  

Decade Roundup: The 13 Movies That Defined the '00s   Rotten' In Denmark  

The Noughties: Film   Feeling Listless  

Top 10 Sci-Fi Movies   Techland  

Top 50 Rated Films   The Auteurs  

Influential Milestones And Important Turning Points In Film History   AMC Filmsite  

A Perspective On Aughts Culture    The House Next Door  

Film's 10 Best Music Moments   Cinema Blend  

The 100 Best Films   The Times  

The Movie Title Stills Collection   Annyas.com  

2000s In Film   Wikipedia  

The TONY Top 50 movies   Time Out New York  

Top 101 Films   Time Out New York  

Top Rated Titles   IMDB.com  


The Gummy Awards: 50 Best Albums   Stereogum  

25 Most Under-rated Records of the Decade as Determined By Scientific Method   Brightest Young Things  

Best French Albums   Filles Sourires  

Favorite Albums   Gorilla Vs Bear  

Favorite Songs   Gorilla Vs Bear  

Top 50 Albums + Top 20 Mixes   ill-ec-tro-nic  

Best Punk Rock Vinyl   Mother Jones  

Top Listener Voted Albums   KEXP  

DJs Top Ten Albums   KEXP  

Naughtie Behavior: Music   NY Times Magazine  

A World Of Megabeats And Megabytes    NY TImes  

Best Of: By-The-Numbers    Billboard  

Meltdowns And Blowups: 50 Wildest Rock & Roll Moments   Rolling Stone  

50 Worst Songs   Village Voice  

The Bands That Should've Made It   NME  

10 For 10   Edmonton Journal  

Best Music   Metacritic  

110 Favorite Albums   Ghostly International  

Best Of Indie Latin American Music   Club Fonograma  

Best Canadian Albums   Spinner  

Best Songs   Tom Shone  

Simon Reynolds's Notes: The Musically Fragmented Decade   The Guardian  

One-Hit Wonders   Billboard  

50 Best Albums   Paste Magazine  

The Top 200 Albums   Pitchfork  

Top 101 Music Videos   Antville  

20 Best British Albums   Spinner  

50 Most Important Recordings   All Songs Considered (NPR)  

Best Rock Albums   Scaruffi  

2000s In Music   Wikipedia  

25 Best Album Covers   Paste Magazine  

30 Best Cover Songs   Paste Magazine  

Best Albums   eMusic  

Best Of Online Music Lists   Largehearted Boy  

Story Of The Noughties [podcasts]   BBC Radio 1  


The Decade That Was: 50 Fill-Ins   NY Times  

End Of A Woeful Decade   Chicago Tribune  

A Decade In Cartoons   The Atlantic  

The Best Hoaxes [video]   The Awl  

Top 10 News Stories   CNET  

Top Hoaxes   MSN UK  

A Decade In News Photographs   Boston  

In Pictures   MSNBC  

Top News Stories   The Global Language Monitor  


Decade In Review   USA Today  

Documenting The Decade   NY Times  

Windows On The Wars   Vanity Fair  


A Decade In Poetry   Poetry Foundation  


Top 10 Heath Trends   Diet Blog  

Ten Science Stories That Changed Our Decade   io9  

Most Important Medical Breakthroughs   Medical Transcriptionist  

Hurricanes Wreaked Weather Havoc In USA   USA Today  

Species That Got The Shaft   Dscriber  

Top Green Stories   Grist  

The Decade In The Environment   Good  

Ten Science Stories   Gizmodo  

Top 10 Birds   Search and Serendipity  

Science in the decade of the human genome   The Guardian  


Baseball Stars Blinked Before The Unblinking Eye   NY Times  

Bolt Needed Little Time To Revitalize Track   NY Times  

Even Retired, Jordan Is Still The One To Beat   NY Times  

Ranking The Best College Basketball Games   ESPN  

The Storylines That Shaped College Basketball   ESPN  

Best Players And Coaches   ESPN  

Best World Series Team   MLB Daily Dish  

Sports Hall Of Fame And Shame   LA Times  

Top MLB Team   Around The Horn Baseball  

Women's Sports Has Seen Its Ups And Downs   Sports Illustrated  

Best European Football Team   BBC  

Best Quotes   BBC  

Best of All Sports   Sports Illustrated  

All-Decade Team: MLB   ESPN  

All-Decade Team: NBA   Sports Illustrated  

Best Olympic Athlete   NBC Universal  

Best Sports Broadcasting   Sports Illustrated  

Best of: NBA   ESPN  

Notable Pop Culture Moments   Sports Illustrated  

Memorable NFL Performances   Sports Illustrated  

NFL: Highlights And Lowlights   Sports Illustrated  

10 Biggest NFL Draft Busts   Yahoo Sports  

Best/Worst Of MLB   Yahoo Sports  

Best/Worst Of NHL   Yahoo Sports  

10 Best NFL Players   Yahoo Sports  

10 Best PGA Players   Yahoo Sports  

Decades Best: Wimbledon   WTA Backspin  

Top 10 NASCAR Stories   Nascar 4 Nascar  

Best In TV   Alan Sepinwall  

What Made The Golden Age Of TV Glow?   Chicago Tribune  

The Decade Of DVR   PVR Blog  

10 Best Stand-Alone TV Episodes   Pajiba  

10 Best TV Shows   Pajiba  

5 Best UK TV Shows   Pajiba  

Best Of TV   New Jersey Online  

When TV Became Art   NY Magazine  

Top 10 TV series   Reuters  

2000s In Television   Wikipedia  


Yesterday's Vision Of Tomorrow: Cracking Open A Time Capsule From 1999   Fast Company  

Apple: Best [-----] of the Decade   CNN  

Technology That Shaped A Decade   Financial Times  

Ten Gadgets That Defined The Decade   Engadget  

Ten Years Of BlackBerry   Engadget  

15 Reasons The 2000s Were Great For Geeks   NY Daily News  

Apple's Most Significant Products   Macworld  

Ten Years of Tech   CrunchGear  

The Oh Decade: Culture Of Innovation Remains Robust Long After Dot-Com Bust   The Sacramento Bee  

Why Apple Was My Company of The Decade   Gigaom  

10 Devices That Didn't Survive   Fast Company  

Best Gadgets   Fast Company  

Biggest Losers in Tech   CrunchGear  

12 Things That Became Obsolete   Huffington Post  

The Smartest Products   Inc.  

50 Worst Gadgets   Gizmodo  

Top Disappointments   Techland  

The Best And The Worst Tech   O'Reilly  

.NET - Did Microsoft Deliver?   The Register  

How Google Became Microsoft   The Register  

Tech Evolution   The Guardian  

15 Gadgets That Changed Everything   Business Insider  

21 Things That Became Obsolete   Business Insider  

20 Most Innovative Consumer Electronics Products   CNET  

30 Biggest Tech Flops   CNET  

Top 10 Tech Deals [part 1]   Tristan Louis  

Top 20 Tech Deals [part 2]   Tristan Louis  

Best Of Gadgets   Techland  

2000s In Science And Technology   Wikipedia  

Modern Inventions   About.com  

Technology Of The 2000s   Wikipedia  

Timeline Of Computing   Wikipedia  

Video Games

The Best Console Games   CrunchGear  

Top 15 Events In Gaming   Popular Science  

Top 25 Games   Game Zone  

Top 12 Games   Gamesutra  

Most Controversial Video Games   Techland  

Top 10 Best Video Games   Techland  

Top 50 Videogames   Destructoid  

50 Best Selling Console Games   VG Chartz  

Top 100 Video Games   Complex.com  


Word Of The Decade   American Dialect Society  

In Review: Words   National Post  

Noughtyisms: The Best Words   The Guardian  

The Decade In Words   Good  

50 Funniest Celebrity Quotes   BuzzFeed  

Top Words   Fritinancy  

Top 25 Most Overused Words And Phrases   The Frisky  

Best One-Liners   Buzzfeed  

"Imma Let You Finish...": A Decade In Quotes   NBC Chicago  

Top Words & Phrases   The Global Language Monitor