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Noticing is a newsletter that goes out every Friday to 8200+ subscribers with a roundup of the most interesting ideas, people, and links of the week, plus some special magic to take you into the weekend. It's written by Tim Carmody and published by kottke.org.

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You can read more about Noticing here, including why we're doing this, how it's a work in progress, and where the name came from.

"Noticing is the best (subscription) thing I've ever had land in my inbox" –Craig Mod

Past Issues

The World's Wonders Amidst Its Horrors (2/18/2018)

Live Memorably, Love Yourself, Endure (2/11/2018)

Nothing Will Keep Us Together, Everything Becomes Its Components (2/2/2018)

Sound and Vision, Imagination and Loss (1/26/2018)

All Things End, But the World Is Still Filled With Wonder (1/19/2018)

Imaginary Soundscapes, Experiments in Lapsed Time, Naming Moira Donegan's Name (1/12/2018)

The Best of the Best, Necessary Corrections, Beautiful Pictures (1/5/2018)

The Best Kottke.org Posts and Links of 2017 (preview issue, 1/2/2018)

Note: We juuuust pulled this thing out of the driveway, so there's nothing else here yet. Imagine the possibilities though!