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Be Cool

posted by Jason Kottke   Mar 28, 2005

Anything but cool, I wanted my money back at the end of this one. Catching a John Travolta film is always a gamble and he was alright in this, playing his typical Vincent Vega character, but the rest of it was just crap. I expected to like Vince Vaughn’s character more, but it took about two seconds for you to get his whole schtick and then it just became really really tiresome. I did laugh out loud once — Cedric the Entertainer as a reformed gangbanger-turned-rapper/producer/millionaire rolls up with his posse and they’re all wearing tshirts with basketball jerseys over them and Cedric has a **button-down** shirt with a jersey over it — but that was the only highlight. Metacritic, I will never doubt you again.